Setters Dual Profile: Brittany and Paige Predmore


(Left) Paige Predmore and (Right) Brittany Predmore, the two sisters/teammates of Pace field hockey. Photo provided by Brittany Predmore.

JAMES MIRANDA, Sports Editor

When Valerie Hickman, head coach of Pace’s new field hockey team, recruited midfielder Paige Predmore to play for Pace she probably didn’t expect to get two for the price of one.

Coach Hickman contacted Brittany Predmore shortly after she discovered Predmore’s eligibility to transfer to Pace and ability to play field hockey. It was the exact thing Hickman needed.

The two midfielders were born to Paul and Jeanne Predmore, who have attended every game they can. The sisters were raised in the suburbs of Harrisburg, PA and also have a younger brother, Brandon Predmore.

Both started playing field hockey in sixth grade, respective to their ages. Brittany Predmore fell in love with it immediately, while Paige Predmore, in a way, just followed her sister’s footsteps.

“I only got into field hockey because my sister was doing it,” Paige Predmore said. “My parents were like, maybe you should try it out, and I was like, alright. After seventh grade, I was hooked.”

They both have made All-Star teams and won awards. Brittany Predmore won the 2012 Susquehanna Township High School Outstanding Female Athlete Award, while Paige Predmore won the Canner Offensive MVP. They both attended Susquehanna Township High School.

Their resumes attracted Hickman.

“[Hickman] sold me on the chance to be a part of something great,” Brittany Predmore said. “I transferred from Lock Haven University because there were better opportunities for me at Pace, and after meeting Coach Hickman and hearing all that she wanted to do with this inaugural team, I was pretty much hooked with everything she said.”

Field hockey (2-3, 1-0 NE-10) is in the midst of its inaugural season and since the program is new, so are the players. 20 of 25 girls on the team are freshmen. Brittany Predmore is the only junior on the team and is seen as its leader.

“She’s kind of like the mom [of the group],” Paige Predmore said. “She already knows how college sports work. She is helping all of us freshmen because we are all really lost with that.”

Being group’s mom was the perfect role for Brittany Predmore because of the strong youth presence on the team.

“When [Hickman] explained that she’s going to depend on me to help the girls with their transitions from high school level to collegiate play, it was a task that I was kind of excited to take on,” Brittany Predmore said.

Paige Predmore, who is a business major, mentioned how her older sister tends to catch the little things for the team, such as bringing an extra pair of socks when some teammates forget theirs.

However, the dynamic on the field is otherworldly.

“It is funny sometimes in practices, if we are on the same team, we can work off each other while not really communicating,” said Paige Predmore of her older sister. “It does not take us as much communication as it would other players or us with another person.”

They both know where each other is on the field and communicate “telepathically,” as the rest of their team jokes about. In fact, the sisterly dynamic has set examples for all their teammates as they try to create chemistry on and off the field.

“We try and [go places] as a team, like, we just had a movie night,” Paige Predmore said. “We try and definitely have bonding off the field because I think it will transfer on the field.”

Part of this, in addition to them being sisters, is because they played together for a year back in high school. It is not the first time they are teammates.

They said they never got to play in the playoffs together, and that is the collective team goal. In order to do that, the team has to win at least six conference games.

The competitiveness of the two feeds off each other. They both admit they have similar playing styles and are really aggressive, but that is because Paige Predmore watched her older sister play and learned her tendencies.

They constantly try to one-up each other.

“If we are going against each other [in practice] and she is coming down the field I’ll have an idea of where she is going to go and I’ll try and stop her,” Brittany Predmore said. “She will know what I am about to do because she knows my play.”

It is a daily competition. They jokingly referred to each other as the “The Other Predmore.”

However, that is natural. Their bond as sisters is vital to who they are and to how their team sees them. Paige Predmore said that she can turn to her older sister for anything, and that goes for the rest of the team, too. Brittany Predmore said that because of their natural chemistry, they set forward examples for the rest of the team.

They love each other, but no one wants to be “The Other Predmore.”