Setters Profile: Aisha Chauhan


Photo Courtesy of Pace Athletics

Sean Browne, Editor in Chief

When people talk about Aisha Chauhan, she wants to strictly be referred to as “a soccer player,” because for the Pace University goal keeper, it’s more than just a sport, it’s a way of living.

“I reflect all my decisions from playing soccer,” Chauhan said. “Every decision I make, I think about how it will affect me when playing soccer, it’s my top priority I would say.”

This has been the case for the New Jersey native since she was four years old. Born in Astoria, Queens, Chauhan had to move from Queens for one simple reason.

“We moved from Astoria because there was no soccer,” Chauhan said. “Then we came to Jersey and my family got hooked to soccer.”

Soccer has been Chauhan’s life since her move and she has played nonstop with her older sisters since the age of four.

Chauhan can attribute her soccer addiction to her mother.

“When I started playing it really sparked interest in my mother,” Chauhan said. “So to see her happy, that is really why I do it, playing soccer really sparked life into her.”

Her mother is also her biggest fan and has attended every single one of her daughter’s games.

Being the only one in her family still playing soccer, Chauhan admits while there is plenty of pressure, it’s something to embrace.

“I don’t take it has a burden on my shoulders,” Chauhan said. “I’m going to do my thing and all my accomplishments will be because of her. I’m going to do the best I can for her, and she is the reason why I’m as good as I am today.”

If that statement is true, then Chauhan should be very thankful for her mother because she has had a great career in the net. She was awarded Northeast-10 Conference Women’s Soccer Goalkeeper of the Week, an award she took home twice last season.

Winning those awards makes Chauhan very happy, being that way definitely fits in to her own personality.

“I am a very lovable person,” Chauhan said. “I just like to relax and have fun.”

But that personality quickly becomes consumed by her other personality that helps her dominate on the soccer field.

“Playing soccer kind of made me realize the person that I wanted to be,” Chauhan said. “I want to be very strong, so when I am on the field I need to be strict with the decisions that I make.”