Basketball Transfer Makes A Final Stop At Pace

Dennis Nett | [email protected]

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Sean Browne, Editor in Chief

Christian White has been on three college basketball teams in four years. He has always been unsure about where he would play next, but that was until he came to Pace.

Out of high school, White was recruited to play basketball to Monmouth University, and while he enjoyed the school and team, he needed to be closer to home.

Living in Rochester and growing up a fan of Syracuse, it seemed like a perfect fit for White to transfer there.

His dream came true his junior year as he walked on and eventually earned a scholarship to play at Syracuse.

“Playing at that high of a level is incredible,” White said. “There is nothing like it, you get to meet a lot of cool people and play against the best. I wouldn’t trade that for anything.”

But White’s dream came to an abrupt end his senior year.

In 2015, the NCAA announced that Syracuse would lose 12 scholarships over a four year span due to infractions from Syracuse in years past.

One of those scholarships taken belonged to White as he was ready to begin his final year of basketball.

“It really did bother me a lot, because it was stuff from ten years ago,” White said. “My scholarship that was available was taken away for stuff that I did not even do, so that really did bother me.”

At this point, White again had to make another decision regarding his basketball future.

“Since I was not on scholarship my senior year I decided to sit out and redshirt,” White said.” I practiced and traveled but I just never played.”

White did this so he could preserve his final year of eligibility and transfer to a school where he would play quality time instead of being on the bench at Syracuse.

With the help of a former Monmouth teammate and current Pace University Graduate Assistant, Khalil Brown, White took an interest in Pace.

Once White got into contact with the Pace coaches, their relationship quickly snowballed and eventually, White was eligible to play his final year of college basketball at Pace.

“All of my decisions have been pretty calculated,” White said. “I did not know where my basketball career was heading until I sat out my senior year and came here. The toughest part has definitely been just kind of not knowing what’s next, but I just keep a positive attitude and worked hard and that has paid off.”

Now that his struggle is over, White just wants to step onto the court and play.

He has played at small schools and big ones, but for him the environment does not matter just as long as he gets to play.