Pace University’s social engagement decline; “The Answer”


A Sanitize sign located in Mortolo Library at Pace University – Pleasantville, NY on September 28th, 2022 (Photo Credit: Plinio Rodrigues-Gomes)

PLEASANTVILLE, N.Y. – Here’s the thing. It’s nothing new that much of what goes on this campus isn’t advertised and if so, how are students supposed to receive information about that type of information? Oh, and have you heard of the MyPace Mobile App? If not that’s okay, here in this piece together we’ll dive deep into why on-campus life hasn’t lived up to your expectations and how the school as well as fellow Westchester residents look to combat this issue.

When sitting with Barbara Mulligan, Director for Student Engagement, much was discussed regarding the reason why most students haven’t participated in much of what the campus life has to offer. She initiated how “…getting involved on campus is a key part of your college career…” Most of you reading this can agree what makes these four or so years worth it is the social life that comes with attending a university. One of the most talked about topics within our discussion was how students can get informed and involved and her response was“…we have this Flush Flash. 

For those who aren’t familiar with Flush Flash, it’s a poster that advertises all events that happen here at Pace. All you need to do is scan the barcode whenever you see the poster, which is usually located near bathrooms, and it’ll take you to a database known as PaceSetter Sync. There, you can find all that you need regarding clubs, events, and much more. No, this is not an advertisement.

So what led to this issue of social engagement reaching its decline here at Pace U? Talking with Kyle Wynne, a Senior here at Pace, and also a member of the nature club, mentions that “…the big part of that was covid…with all the lockdowns and everything…People’s social skills got all messed up and stuff like that…A lot of people were going through stuff from that.” 

As mentioned by Ms. Mulligan, “When [she] started at the end of January…there were restrictions as many campuses had…I think students were a little hesitant or nervous to go out to events, but were finding more and more aren’t.” It makes sense knowing the circumstances we were in at the time, but to know more and more students are coming outside, definitely leaves an excitement for what’s yet to come.  

We can all agree that Covid is all hard during our semesters here at Pace, so moving into a period where covid is now no longer an issue seems to be ideal for most students. 

As we move forward to a covid-free world, “most important thing is to reach out to people…Going up to anyone like if they seem shy or something and they’re not reaching out to you first go up to them. Introduce yourself…any engagement is important.” Seems like Kyle has the answer, do you?