Grave Encounters

Small Budget Film Filled With Big Scares

Mayra Maradiaga, Featured Writer

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The paranormal has long been associated with the month of October. Though many paranormal horror movies reuse the same tricks to instill fear into their audience, Grave Encounters, currently available to be streamed on Netflix, adds a touch of reality that will leave viewers feeling like they’re being watched themselves.

The film follows a group of people that decide to lock themselves overnight in a haunted and abandoned psychiatric hospital in order to film an episode of their reality ghost hunting TV show. As they set up cameras throughout the spooky building and explore the grounds in hopes of documenting some paranormal phenomena, they are in for so much more.

Doors slamming and objects moving on their own is just the beginning of the scare tactics used in the film. The first person point of view that the camera usage portrays builds suspense with every corner that the character turns. You often find yourself looking all over the screen just to make sure you haven’t missed anything. Tension is built up so much throughout that any little thing will set off the audience, much like the characters.

The atmosphere of the film is enhanced further by the cast. The acting portrays raw terror that will often leave the viewer asking if the footage is from an actual incident.

While this film follows in the footsteps of horror movies such as The Blair Witch Project and the Paranormal Activity franchise, the twist encountered by the characters helps the film stand on its own. The movie’s mockumentary style adds to the tension held throughout as audiences’ watch the characters become the patients they hope to get in contact with.

Despite the well-known premise and somewhat slow beginning, audiences should stick to the movie until the end. If you really want to get the most out of this film, watch it with all the lights turned out and the volume turned up.

Though popular with some audiences and unpopular with others, Grave Encounters may mark the return of the “found footage” horror movie.

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