Setters’ Hot Spots in Pleasantville


The Jacob Burns Film Center is the main theater in town that commonly screens movies ranging from independent to higher budget movies.

Alexis Nieman, Media Editor

The quaint town of Pleasantville has more to offer than what meets the eye. In between the tightly crammed streets are restaurants and clothing stores that are hidden in plain sight. Any Pace student knows the most highly visited places are the Pleasantville Diner, Starbucks, and Dunkin’ Donuts. However, Pleasantville is booming with places new and old for students to discover.

What many students do not know is the diversity of places to go right in town. Japanese food at Miyabi Asian Bistro, Greek cuisine at Tzatziki’s Greek Grill, and Indian delights at the Bollywood Grill- all on the same street. Tastes of different worlds are all within a shuttle ride.

Pace student Shelby Cherwek enjoys having the different food options so close to school.

“The town of Pleasantville is really nice,” the sophomore said. “I love being able to get different things all the time, because there’s always something new to try.”

A new spot that opened last Spring and has seen a lot of business since then has been Playa Bowls. Based from the Jersey Shore, Playa Bowls is a quick, healthy option that serves different types of açai bowls and smoothies. Their relaxed and Hawaiian atmosphere is inviting- and the aesthetically pretty açai bowls do not hurt either.

“I love Playa Bowls,” Cherwek said. “They have healthy things that are really delicious.”

Little Mumbai Market is another great restaurant option. It’s a mix of French and Indian food and it is located right on Bedford road. They serve all different types of food including crepes, which you can fill with whatever you like.

“I really enjoy going to Little Mumbai Market,” Pace student Chelsea Covino said. “The crepes they serve are so good.”

Tzatziki’s Greek Grill is another great place to enjoy a casual lunch or dinner, while experiencing a different type of food experience. They serve authentic Greek food such as moussaka (eggplant dish) and baklava, a favorite Greek dessert. And of course their namesake, Tzatziki, is a delicious side sauce that is made from yogurt, cucumber, garlic and dill.

Pace student Jared Maldonado enjoys Tzatziki’s for its unique burgers. 

“Tzatziki’s has really good food, especially their burgers,” the sophomore said. “Great food for not that much money- it’s definitely a favorite spot of mine.”

Apart from food places in Pleasantville, there are also hidden gems in other forms. Little clothing boutiques, jewelry, a bookstore, a furniture store and a movie theater.

The Jacob Burns Film center is great for those who enjoy watching and appreciates lesser-known films. The film center shows indie movie and documentaries everyday. They also provide classes and events like discussions with people from the movie industry, with one course being taught by former Pace student Nick Aquilino.