The Fabulousness of Fabulosity


Lindsey Gill

Student performer, Caitlyn Kanaby, placed second for her performance.

Alexis Nieman, Media Editor

Prideful people of Pace gathered together in Gottesman last Thursday night to cheer on their peers in Pride at Pace’s annual student drag competition, “Fabulosity.” This year, the event was hosted by drag queen Flower Tortilla, an alumnus of Pace NYC. The event included not only the competition but also a raffle for an Apple Watch and a Nintendo Switch, as well as all the colorful candy one could eat.

Seven contestants competed for prize money with their creative costumes and drag numbers. Their performances ranged from Michael Jackson impersonations, to a sultry rendition of “Santa Baby”, to crawling on the stage with whips and bondage. Needless to say, the audience was far from quiet. Energetic screams and shouts of encouragement could be loudly heard for each and every song, dance, and drag queen or king. The host of the evening, Flower Tortilla, put on three high energy drag numbers for the audience, two of which she sang herself.

Pride at Pace president Nicolle Lombardi believes that all the prep that went into this event was well worth it.

“A lot of preparation went into this night,” Lombardi said. “We budgeted for about a month, went over numbers and met with Student Development and Campus Activities (SDCA) to confirm everything.”


Raffle Tickets were two dollars each for one and five dollars for three. All proceeds are going towards homeless LGBTQA youth through the True Colors Fund.

“Last year we raised around 200 dollars, and this year we raised almost 400,” Lombardi said.

One participant in the competition, Florence, is happy about the performances of herself and her peers.

“This year the event went really well, it was such a fun time,” The sophomore said. “I’m so happy with the turnout of people who came, the performances were all centered around the energy from the crowd. I’m so proud of everyone.”

Lombardi says that this event will only keep growing.

“Performers brought their A-game, and it got everyone so hype and excited,” the sophomore said. “It will only keep getting better.”