Local coffee spot in Pleasantville: Black Cow

Inside of the Black Cow.


Inside of the Black Cow.

Caitlyn G. Cashman

As a college town, Pleasantville often caters to the needs of its students, one of those being coffee.

In town, Pleasantville has many places to get coffee, one place that stands out from the chains is The Black Cow Cafe. Located on Wheeler Avenue, The Black Cow is surrounded by many other private businesses. The coffee shop faces the train station, right in front of where commuters exit the station.

The cafe is decorated with framed pictures on both sides of the warm yellow walls. Behind the cash register is the register hanging off the wall is the menu written in chalk and blackboard style. The cafe’s scene is typically college students and other adults on their laptops sipping coffee. Local commuters that take the train to the city can be seen grabbing a coffee before and after they catch the train. It makes for an excellent spot for meeting with professional mentors, professors or study groups.

The Black Cow is warm and cozy providing the perfect atmosphere for stressed, cold and homesick college students.

“It’s definitely the coziest spot off-campus, plus the coffee is really really good,” Pace student Nora Gjelaj said.

The Black Cow offers a variety of drinks including a coffee of the day, iced and hot coffees with dairy or plant milk, organic teas, and hot chocolate, to name a few. Aside from drinks, the cafe also offers pastries, cookies and dessert breads including vegan chocolate spelt bread.

“Compared to Dunkin, which is more of the fast-food of coffee, The Black Cow is of high quality in terms of food and drink,” Gjelaj said.

The cafe is located in the perfect spot in town to stop when running holiday or daily errands. Even on a college student budget, the cafe is affordable. During this holiday season, a cozy place to grab a warm drink and sweets is a must.