Note from the Editors: Article Retraction



Recently, the Pace Chronicle editorial staff reviewed and decided to take down an article that was published May 17, 2019. The article, Consensual Seduction or Cruel Intentions? An Investigation into a Sexual Assault Allegation on Pace’s Campus told a true story of sexual assault and brought a very important issue into the light. However, the article included information that was improperly attributed and in turn could spread misinformation.

The Pace Chronicle staff follows professional journalistic standards and strives to practice objectivity in our reporting practices. However, we are not denying the possibility that mistakes can slip through the cracks and be published. We value the concerns of our readers and will correct mistakes when they are brought to our attention. For serious mistakes that cannot be corrected through editing, we will consider retractions of articles. However, there are cases where we will be able to correct the mistake or update the information and will note updates in the articles themselves.

We hope this helps our readers to understand our process and dedication to objective reporting. Feel free to reach out to us with any concerns you have via the email: [email protected] Please note that every concern will be considered, but the editorial staff will ultimately decide the most appropriate way to address the issue.