Tyler Owens Accused of Assault


(Left) Tyler Owens plays as defensive lineman. Photo via Pace Athletics. (Right) The image was released by an alleged group of African-American students.

Pace University football player Tyler Owens allegedly assaulted a woman on Pace’s Pleasantville Campus early on Sept. 20, according to sources close to the situation. Owens was reinstated to the team this Wednesday, after an internal investigation was conducted by the Affirmative Action Office on an unrelated case.

Owens was originally stripped of his captaincy and suspended from the football team on Sept. 8 after a controversial photo of him wearing a confederate flag while making a Nazi salute surfaced on Sept. 6.

According to sources, Owens allegedly struck the woman with his open palm, causing her to bleed from her nose during the altercation.

“[The victim’s] nose was bleeding, [there was] blood all over her face,” said Pace alumna Leah Yang-DiPietro, who was with the victim after the alleged assault. “She was a mess, nervous, and scared. She was hiding [to avoid returning to] her house, she feared for her safety, and that [Owens] would be there waiting.”

According to Yang-DiPietro, the assault took place in the Townhouses.

The Athletics Department was informed about the alleged incident.

“The matter is being reviewed,” said Drew Brown, Associate Athletics Director. “[Athletics] has no further comment at this time.”

Sources also said that Owens has a history of erratic and violent behavior.

“Everyone has a false idea of who Owens is,” the alleged victim said. “He has everyone in the athletics department, except for Dean [of Students] Lisa [Bardill Moscaritolo], wrapped around his finger.”

The alleged victim expressed doubt about whether Owens would actually face any consequences for his actions.

As of Friday afternoon, it was unclear whether Owens would be active in Friday night’s home game against Bentley University.

“He’s not going to get in trouble, he’s not going to not play football. The kid is going to get away with everything,” the alleged victim said. “He’s going to feel nothing from this, but stuff is going to happen to me.”

The alleged victim did attempt to file an incident report with security; however, nothing came of it. The police have not been involved as of this moment.

“This is not the first domestic violence situation I’ve witnessed at Pace,” Yang-DiPietro said. “Nor is this the first time [a matter] has been taken to security and thrown back into the victim’s face.”

Repeated attempts to reach Owens were unsuccessful.