New Bus Stop Added for Easier Access to Students


The new bus stop is located at the roundabout of Martin, Alumni, and Elm Halls. Photo by James Miranda/The Pace Chronicle.

Gabriella Camacho and James Miranda

Pace added a new bus stop to the roundabout that connects Martin, Alumni, and Elm Halls providing students with easier access to the center of campus.

Pleasantville residents received an email that stated that the new stop will start being used at the beginning of the semester, which was determined by the Transportation Office back in December.

“My drivers were telling me that the students were asking maybe to get closer to the new dorms, so then after a meeting with my supervisors, we decided to add a bus stop down there,” Transportation Director Francoise Crespo said. “When we started the semester, I put the bus stop on the run sheet for the drivers and told them to stop there on a regular basis.”

This additional bus stop has sparked a bit of concern and confusion among the student body, however.

There is a mobile app that informs them about the different bus routes and the times, but the app has not been updated to inform the students about when the bus will be arriving or departing from the Martin stop.

The Transportation Schedule for the 2016-2017 year that can be found on the Pace website has yet to be updated as well.

“I left [the schedules] with no time because we have times already for the Townhouses so it takes one minute to come down,” Crespo said. “It didn’t make any sense to add this and make it more complicated. Even on the run sheets, I did not put any times; I left it at Townhouses/New Dorms.”

Some students had no idea that the new spot was added, however, and drivers on campus are concerned that the Martin circle is too narrow and that they will be stuck behind the bus when trying to get around on campus.

“I hope that when I am driving to class or even trying to leave campus, that I am not trapped behind it,” sophomore Alexis Baker said. “I will be late to class and it will be Pace’s fault.”

Crespo disclosed that the office has not received any complaints about buses blocking the road and pickup/drop-off times are fairly quick.

A benefit, however, is that during the day the bus picks up and drops off at Willcox and Miller Halls, the Townhouses, and after 10:30 PM the bus makes stops at North Hall.

There have been complaints from several students that the walk from their dorm is far and they have to run to catch the bus.

“[The new bus stop] was something we decided to make it easier because the most [common] complaints we got was that the students that were maybe coming from the village of Pleasantville with bags of groceries or what not that it was a long walk to get back to the dorms,” Crespo said. “And it’s not a big deal to add it into the schedule since we run every 30 minutes, so there’s plenty time to stop there.”