Some Students Find New Homes in Alumni Hall


Some students in Alumni are moving to a new room despite it only being October. Photo by Katie Robustelli

Sean Browne, Editor in Chief

In September, students moved into their new rooms in Alumni Hall. Now a month later, some students will be moving again.

Over the summer, some students who were assigned  “doubles” which means two people to a room, were forced to be “tripled”, which is three people to a room.

This past week Alumni hall began the process of de-tripling students into different rooms.

Pace freshman Andrea Zambrano Toldeo was one of the students assigned to a triple, and she was anything but pleased with  being tripled.

” I was very upset and I was very mad,” Zambrano Toldeo said. ” When I wanted a double I should have gotten a double. I expected to have space and stuff like that and I couldn’t, so that made me very upset.”

Zambrano Toldeo biggest complaint with being tripled was the fact that the room was not big enough for three people, and it was a constant struggle to have enough space.

Also, Zambrano Toldeo says that she was never told directly that she was going to be tripled

“In the summer  I got an email of the names of my roommates,” Zambrano Toldeo said.” So I actually did not get anything saying that I was going to be in a triple, they told me I was going to be in a double. But when I saw the name of my roommates I saw that there were going to be three roommates instead of two, so I put it all together.

Dr. Lisa Bardill Moscaritolo, Associate Vice President & Dean for Students at Pace University, says that there is a heavy demand for on campus housing at Pace especially since the Briarcliff campus  closed as well as they’re not being any off-campus housing in Pleasantville.

“Are goal was to get everyone on one campus,” Bardill Moscaritolo said.” We always know that we are going to have some triples. ”

According to Bardill Moscaritolo, Pace decides the tripling process based upon when students sign up for housing.

” How we do housing is based on the deposit date,” Bardill Moscaritolo said.” So we tell the students the earlier you get your deposit in the earlier you get the housing that you want.”

Bardill Moscaritolo says that students who are tripled to get a deduction in their housing bill, and she said that there have been instances where students have decided to stay tripled because that student may enjoy having two roommates, and if they decide they still get the deduction in housing.

According the Pace housing website, students who are tripled could each receive up to a $1000 credit to their university account.