Krislov emphasizes One Strong Pace through a three-part Success plan


Katie Walsh

President Marvin Krislov gave his first State of the University address in his third semester at Pace.

Katie Walsh, Managing Editor

In a packed Gottesman room, where faculty and staff members were in a standing-room only, Pace President Marvin Krislov delivered his first State of the University address. Krislov made an appearance at all three campuses last Monday to deliver his message face-to-face and allow time for questions at each site.

Krislov, who is in his fourth semester as president, stressed the importance of planning for the future and has developed a three-part plan to continue to make Pace, “One Strong Pace.” His plan includes stabilizing finances, prioritizing academics and achieving student success.   

Krislov explained the struggle to keep an academic standard without raising the tuition prices, he is hoping to solve this through renting out the dorms for the summer and include budget cuts on outside consultants, as well as, to cut back on administrative duplication among all of the university’s campuses.

Furthermore, Krislov addressed the various successes with the different schools inside the university. On both campuses, Krislov said the creative arts areas are thriving and the technology is increasing. Furthermore, he said the university is investing in many new programs and degrees within the health and nutrition areas, as they are in high demand. In addition, the Seidenberg School of Computer Science has seen a drastic enrollment increase in preparation for the future.

In terms of achieving student success, Krislov reflected on the improvement in enrollment, and the record-high 80 percent retention rate that the university has kept for two straight years. However, the main focus for Krislov and new Provost Vanya Quiñones is to improve the graduation rate, which has been at a record-low 46 percent in four years and a rate stuck in the 50th percentile for six years. Furthermore, Krislov said he would like to improve in the rankings, beyond being the number one private university in upward mobility, to increase the value of a Pace degree.

He also emphasized the future of Pace’s programs and higher education across the country. Moving forward, the university is planning on utilizing more online and hybrid classes to please students and to receive a revenue from that section of the college.

Furthermore, Krislov addressed the demands from students.

“Students want degrees faster,” he said. “They want classes on schedules that work for them. They want the flexibility to learn in-pace or online, or through some hybrid combination of the two.”

Throughout his address, Krislov acknowledged each sector of the Pace community. He expressed the importance of students following their pace path and utilizing the resources that are provided. He preached to the staff the importance of connecting with students and emphasized getting grades in on time.

The biggest call-to-action made, however, was to the alumni, asking them to help create and connect with opportunities for Pace graduates and to donate back to the school. 

In essence, the address focused on the success of the past, and the improvement and plan for the future to become one connected and strong university. 

“We are in good shape, all the ingredients are in place, we have a three-part plan for the future,” Krislov stated. 

Dean Lisa Bardill-Moscaritolo, was present at the address, and is looking forward to see the school’s potential. 

“It was upbeat and wonderful to hear the stories and plan to improve on the student experience and strengthen Pace University for many generations to come,” Bardill-Moscaritolo said.He spoke about the recent transformation of the Pleasantville campus as an example of the university’s investment in students, faculty, and staff and a commitment to Pace’s strong future.”