Come One Come All to Pace Book Club


Group of students break into conversation at the meeting (Photo credit: Kelly Salguero)

Kelly Salguero

Pace Book Club took place at Miller Hall this Wednesday, September 14th. Students are provided a place to explore their creative minds in reading materials including novels, poems, short stories, and more. 


They were offered coloring books and colored pencils, to release their creativity and enjoy their time. Students attended either alone, or in pairs, and those who knew each other opened their arms to others. Topics about books and movies were thrown across the room for everyone to pitch in their ideas. 


There seemed to be a sense of community and togetherness that opened pathways for “fun, dorky, wacky” friendships to form. “Honestly, I’ve met my best friends on campus through book club because book club it’s just really like no expectations… I like to affectionately describe them as my little group of weirdos, we all just click together it’s all just about a vibe” said Member, Amanda Rundle. 


This semester, the book club has almost entirely moved back to in-person, a great start to the semester. In the past years, there have been relatively low turnouts but this year there was a higher number of individuals. “Seeing this many people at our first meeting was really encouraging. Fingers crossed they keep coming back!” said President of Book Club, Emily Teixiera.


The club organizes several events to engage the campus and have book drives to give back to the community. This semester they are planning a Spooky movie night that will showcase the 1931 Dracula adaptation. Students can attend the screening in their costumes! In December, they are also planning a short story hot cocoa pajama night. 


For students who were unable to attend, the next meeting is on September 21st. They come together once a week, every Wednesday.