Vice President of Unity & Social Justice


rachelRachel Aviles

The ideals of Vice President of Unity and Social Justice are ones that are personal to me. I would like to start by sharing personal experience to elaborate why. My name is Rachel Aviles and when I was a junior in high school I experienced a case of discrimination based on my sexuality; an injustice, easily described. A simple difference, that makes me no less of a human being, was reason enough for administration to ask me to withdraw from my local private Christian school, the summer before my senior year. This experience taught me a very important lesson. Our society, both local and across country, does not understand the value of a human being. More importantly, we, individuals who make up our society, do not know how to treat each other. My experience equipped me with motivation to protect other students who are prone to experience discrimination based on what makes them different.

As an individual running for Vice President of Unity and Social Justice, I value honesty and character. I value empathy, understanding and respect. Despite the classifications that society separates people into (class, race, sexuality, religion, ability etc), I believe these values are necessary to living amongst each other, not only in a safe and supportive community, but also society. I want to use this position to focus on these values and make them basic fundamental expectations for other human beings. I want to bring awareness, but also provoke movement. I want to actually bring the diverse people of our community together, and hopefully decrease the separation between groups of people.

My name is Rachel Aviles, and I am currently a sophomore apart of the Dyson School of Arts and Sciences. I am running for Vice President of Unity and Social Justice and I am asking for your vote.



joeJoe Artoglou

My experience here at Pace has had a tremendously positive impact on my view of life. Originally I came here primarily to be a member of the the football team and had a very apathetic approach to academics. After leaving the football team for medical reasons, I have been able to open my eyes to see all the resources that are available to us as students. Pace University and the community around us have given me the opportunity to work three jobs at the World of Weezee, 7-Eleven, as well as a tutor in the Center of academic excellence. Along with employment opportunities, giving back to the community is something that was made very painless by the amazing people at Pets Alive Animal Shelter, The Atria, as well as the World of Weezee. I have learned to time manage and prioritizing,by working 60 hours a week as a Bio-Psychology major. I would love to close the gaps between all students through services such as giving back and raising the reputation of excellence of the student body. As Vice President of Finance for the Peace and Justice Society, I have gained experience in both the E-board as well as developing awareness for Social Justice. If elected for Vice President of Unity and Social Justice I will challenge students to become leaders and spread awareness on the importance of unity and justice on and off campus of Pace University. Strength lies in numbers, and we can accomplish goals and take action more efficiently with all students on board for this mission!

As part of a larger team of students hoping to be part of SGA, our primary concerns are to make sure the students voices are represented correctly and to make sure we can come together as a Student Body to leave a legacy for the future generation of Pace students.