Comparing Andrew Luck and LeBron James

Photo Courtesy of Wikimedia

Photo Courtesy of Wikimedia

Sean Browne, Editor in Chief

In sports, we usually draw parallels for great players and even though they are not in the same sport I cannot help but see so many comparisons with Andrew Luck and LeBron James from 2003-2010.

It would be incredibly reckless to say that Andrew Luck is not an elite quarterback, even though his team is on the verge of missing the playoffs for the second straight year, he still can put up great numbers because he has great physical attributes and a great mind for the game.

LeBron to was a very dominate player early on in his career. He was a walking refrigerator with an amazing basketball IQ. Both he and Luck are great players and both struggled with the same problem, they were both surrounded by losers! I mean the Colts haven’t had a 100-yard rusher in forever and remember they traded a first round draft pick for Trent Richardson and I don’t need to explain how that turned out. Jim Irsay and the Colts have failed to provide any talent around Luck on both sides of the ball, It’s amazing that he had actually been to an AFC championship game.

Same can be said about LeBron for the longest time in Cleveland he was the only talented player on his team . In 2007, he took the Cavilers to the NBA Finals and it’s safe to say that that Cavilers team was the worst team to ever make the finals, I mean Mo Williams was their second best player!

But while there are comparisons between the two here is where I draw the difference. LeBron is much more opportunistic. When he became a free agent in 2010 he left as quick as he could so he could head to Miami and win a few rings, and he only came back to Cleveland when he saw that they had Kyrie Irving who was a superstar. Luck has his opportunity to leave bit instead he signed a massive extension with the Colts. While Luck should be glad that he is making more money, he should also be aware that he won’t be holding that Lombardi trophy any times soon.