The Giants Blame Game

Photo Courtesy of Wikimedia

Photo Courtesy of Wikimedia

Sean Browne, Editor in Chief

All of the finger pointing has gone to the direction of Odell Beckham Jr. these past couple weeks for his sideline meltdowns, which is understandable given his behavior and distraction to his team. However, maybe the blame should be given to other members on this Giants team not wearing number 13.

First, where has the defensive line been? All that money given to Olivier Vernon and Jason Pierre-Paul and for what? Four sacks through five games! Aaron Rodgers could have tied his shoes and still completed a pass last night in the pocket. Those two in particular need to start hitting the quarterback more or its just going to be déjà vu from last season.

The offensive line hasn’t been anything spectacular, one in particular is Ereck Flowers, who was supposed to fix the Giants offensive line when in reality, he has just made them worse. I cannot tell you how many first downs get negated because he gets called on a hold, and not to mention his mechanics haven’t gotten any better since college. I mean, did you see him against Green Bay? The only block he made last night was shoving a Giants reporter after the game.

Finally, and I hate to do this, but Eli has to receive a good chunk of the criticism. Over the last three games, he has had three interceptions and just two touchdowns. That won’t get it done. He looks like a deer in headlights in the pocket. If he hit Will Tye at the end of the second quarter, we might be talking about a different outcome from Sunday. But instead, the Giants are in last place with every team in their division playing better team football. Sounds too familiar, if you ask me.