The NFL is Back

The NFL is Back

Sean Browne, Editor in Chief

Last Sunday’s games might be exactly what the NFL needed. We have all heard the talk about how the rating have been down. I am not going to explain the reasoning for why they are down because like the rest of you I would be just guessing. But the two leading causes  have been crappy play, and the presidential election.

Now that the circus is over(but actually it’s just getting started) there isn’t an excuse that ratings decline can be from the election. The NFL really needed a big week of games to make sure that they could get some popularity back, and boy did they.

In order to get some attention back you need to show off your big guns, and having two marquee franchises like the Cowboys and the Steelers did the trick. It was a excellent game that went down to the wire when Ben Roethlisberger fake spiking a ball that went to Antonio Brown for the go  ahead touchdown.  But that wasn’t even the most compelling  part, The rookie tandem of Ezekiel Elliot and Dak Prescott gave the Cowboys the lead, and oh they did it in under a minute.

The night game was almost as compelling, the Super bowl rematch of the Seahawks vs. the Patriots was a back and forth matchup that displayed two great teams that could be playing again on February 5.

The NFL needed star studded match ups to prove they are still the most entertaining sport in America, and they really pulled out all their weapons to do so.