Bus To White Plains

Josiah Darnell, Opinion Editor

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Almost every college campus you can think of has a transportation system that takes students to the closest city, if the campus isn’t in the city already. The reason for that is so students have access to resources that they normally wouldn’t have access to. Resources like a Walmart, a mall, some eateries, a movie theater, and most importantly a bus station. Each and every last one of these resources has a huge impact on a student’s college experience and that’s why colleges make sure to have these things within a student’s reach.

In Pleasantville, there is no Walmart, bus station, and major restaurants that people are familiar with, however they are all in White Plains. White Plains is a twenty-minute drive from the campus and that’s the problem because what are students supposed to do if they have no car? They could take the Metro North, but then you’ll have to worry about paying a fare.

This is where that transportation system comes into play. There is already a transportation system established at Pace, the problem lies within the destinations the buses go. Those destinations include Memorial Plaza, where the Metro North can be taken, the New York City campus, and the White Plains Law School campus. Even though the Law School is in White Plains it is not in Downtown White Plains and that is where all the student essentials are. It is also about a fifteen to twenty-minute walk. If students barely want to take a five-minute walk to class fifteen to twenty minutes is out of the question.

If Pace University knows that White Plains is a town that will draw students to it, and I’m sure they do, why not make it a destination for the buses? It’ll be so much more convenient for students. The bus station will make trips back and forth from home easier, Walmart will supply students with cheap dorm and personal items, the eateries there give students more variety than On’s and Domino’s, and overall they’ll have a lot more available to them.

A city’s presence is what college students need, especially those who come from rural and suburban areas. It is what helps students become culturally diverse and open minded about the world that’s around them. The minute students start getting the opportunity to experience White Plains more and more, without worrying about getting there, I’m sure they’ll start to like the school more and more and that has the potential to change the culture of the school alone.

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