Study tips to crush finals week

Alexis Nieman, Media Editor

The last week of the Fall semester, when the holidays are within eyesight, are often the hardest. Trying to push through the last couple of days can seem almost impossible. You’re tired, you’re probably out of swipe, and did I mention, tired? Studying is necessary for all students to get through finals and get back home. Here is a list of some study tips to help you finish strong this semester: 


1.Put Down the Phone

As hard as it is to be focused for a long period of time, going on your phone is not the answer. Picking it up to often can cause too many distractions from what you’re trying to learn. Try keeping your phone in your bag, or putting it out of sight. On your laptop, close any tabs that could cause distraction, like Netflix or Youtube, so you’re not tempted to click.

2. Don’t Overstudy

Even though this may sound impossible, it’s not. Over studying can cause extra stress for no reason. Avoid studying extra information too much, and instead, focus on main ideas and key points. Studying too much information can cause confusion when it comes time to take the test.

3. Take Breaks

Taking breaks is essential to be able to absorb the information you’re studying. This is not to say take a break every five minutes, but it’s a good idea to take a 15-20 minute break for every hour of studying. (This can be your phone break!) It will help you be able to re-focus fresher than before. And, try taking a day off from studying (if possible), to allow yourself to rest and remember things you’ve already learned. 

4. Find the Right Environment

The location you feel most comfortable studying differs from person to person. Some people have no problem studying in their bed, while others cannot focus unless they are in the library. Find out what works best for you… and then make sure you go there! The library, Kessel, study rooms and dorm hall lobbies are all great places to study if you are trying to get out of your room.

5. Stay Organized

This is the time of year when having a planner or agenda, having all of your notes and papers in order, really matters. Find everything you’re going to need for each class and make sure to keep it handy when you need to study. Writing out what is due when and the date of your finals helps motivate you to get it all finished. 

6. Find a Study Group

Studying with people can make it easier and more fun to review information. Find people studying for the same things as you and create a study group. A group allows you to ask each other questions, teach each other and share study materials. The second floor of Mortola Library has study rooms which can be reserved each day and group tables on the first floor. 

It might seem impossible to keep studying and working in class with the break so near, but the final push might matter the most for your grades. So study hard (but not too hard), you can do it!