Share the Wealth


Josiah Darnell

Pace Perk. Once of the establishments only business majors can apply to. Photo Taken by Josiah Darnell

Josiah Darnell, Opinion Editor

College life is a financial struggle. From books, to food, to parking tickets, and just having some food to munch on there is always something that needs to be paid. Parents are a reliable source of income, but at some point the funds decrease or they just stop coming. That’s when students need a source of income on their own.

Jobs on campus are typically the most convenient way for students to get their funds up. It’s easy access and it works around their schedule. Off campus jobs work too, but transportation can become an issue. On campus jobs also can give you two options when it comes to financial needs. They can either be used as steady paychecks or tuition remission.

When students are on the hunt for an on campus jobs they have to keep in mind that every job is not for them due to their majors. An example being jobs at Pace Perk and Pace Mart. Only business majors can apply for those jobs, everyone else is exempt. Those are quality jobs that are exclusive. Jobs that could definitely help out for all of the other majors out there.

I know that both Perk and Pace Mart are student run businesses, and it gives them a chance to exercise some of those business related responsibilities they hope to pursue. But just because it is a student run business does not mean that the bosses or employees have to be business majors. It would make sense that they do but it’s not a law set in stone.

Other students could use some business experience as well. It allows them to be more versatile and well-rounded and after all that is what employers are looking for. This puts them in an even better position to get that job than they were before. Maximizing students’ opportunities is what Pace is about and this would just be another way that they do that.

The other issue is that business majors have access to all other jobs included Pace Mart and Pace Perk, so now they have an even better chance to find some work than the other students. Those other students need some financial stability just as much as those business majors and they need the work experience as well. This helps to enhance working experience characteristics and it helps to build up the resume. Both being factors for successful individuals.