Pace’s Protection Detail

Pace's Protection Detail

Josiah Darnell, Opinion Editor

Security is a common question asked by parents on campus tours because they want to know if their kids are safe while obtaining an education. Each school has different styles of security systems that they believe works best for the students they watch over.

Pace University’s security team does the general basics of what you would want from them. They do hall sweeps in every dormitory on campus, going from one end of the hall to the other on every floor to make sure that there is nothing out of the ordinary and no student is in harm’s way.

Security officers also take daily and hourly patrols around campus for the same purposes they do hall sweeps, however this is on a broader scale because this includes outside threats, fire alarms, classroom emergencies, and any other emergencies for that matter.

The main topic of discussion with entrance security. Out of the three entrances that we have in the campus only entrance three has a security post setup. That leaves the other two unguarded, outside of the patrols officers make that way making it possible for any individual to help themselves on campus.

Although there is a security post setup at entrance three there isn’t always a security officer present. There are security officers there in the evening, at night, and early in the mornings it’s just midday when there isn’t one present. That is another window of opportunity for a straggler to make their way onto the campus.

The entrance security situation is the only thing that raises eyebrows and rightfully so because that is where everyone goes in and out of campus. If it’s not well guarded, then people become skeptical of it.

When security officers are present they are thorough with their jobs. They will ask for ID and for your location if you don’t have one. On many occasions when students are making their way back on campus at night they will not only ask the driver for ID but everyone in the vehicle as well.

If an individual is not a Pace student the officer will ask for their ID and hold on to it until they pick it up upon their departure. Outside of the entrance debate the security team at Pace University is responsive and reliable and accommodates to its students when needed. That is all that is needed out of the security department and they follow that to a T.