Default Report: Fall 2020 campus return survey results

Katie Walsh, Managing Editor

Default Report
Fall 2020 Campus Return
June 24th 2020, 5:58 pm MDT


Q1 – What Pace campus are you located at?

# Answer % Count
1 NYC 63.50% 214
2 Pleasantville 35.31% 119
3 White Plains 0.30% 1
4 Split between Multiple 0.89% 3
Total 100% 337






Q2 – Consider your own health, as well as your family’s heath, and choose your level of comfort for in-person classes this fall.


# Answer % Count
1 Very Comfortable 24.04% 81
2 Comfortable 31.75% 107
3 Neither Comfortable nor Uncomfortable 15.13% 51
4 Uncomfortable 15.73% 53
5 Very Uncomfortable 13.35% 45
Total 100% 337






Q3 – What is your mode of transportation to campus?


# Answer % Count
1 Resident 43.79% 148
2 Commute via Car 14.20% 48
3 Public Transportation 42.01% 142
Total 100% 338







Q4 – Rate your level of comfort regarding your anticipated commute to campus.


# Answer % Count
1 Very Comfortable 25.61% 73
2 Comfortable 24.91% 71
3 Neither Comfortable nor Uncomfortable 16.84% 48
4 Uncomfortable 17.89% 51
5 Very Uncomfortable 14.74% 42
Total 100% 285






Q5 – If you previously/plan to reside on campus, Would you feel comfortable in dorms?

# Answer % Count
1 Yes 68.51% 124
2 No 31.49% 57
Total 100% 181





Q6#1 – Rate the importance of protective measures on-campus  – Importance

# Question Very Important Important Moderately important Slightly important Not at all important Total
1 Social Distancing (6ft apart) 40.00% 134 31.34% 105 14.33% 48 11.64% 39 2.69% 9 335
2 Masks 56.25% 189 21.73% 73 9.52% 32 6.25% 21 6.25% 21 336
3 Plexiglass Barriers 32.12% 106 22.73% 75 21.21% 70 10.91% 36 13.03% 43 330
4 Temperature Checks before Class entry 33.73% 113 20.60% 69 20.30% 68 13.13% 44 12.24% 41 335
5 COVID-19 required Testing 43.54% 145 22.82% 76 15.92% 53 10.21% 34 7.51% 25 333
6 Less roommates/suitemates 33.23% 110 20.24% 67 18.13% 60 12.69% 42 15.71% 52 331
7 Smaller Class Sizes 37.72% 126 26.95% 90 15.87% 53 10.18% 34 9.28% 31 334
8 Limited # of people in a building 32.84% 110 21.49% 72 21.49% 72 12.84% 43 11.34% 38 335








Q7 – Given your current understanding of Pace’s plan to reopen in-person for Fall. Do you intend on returning ?

# Answer % Count
1 Yes 71.89% 243
2 No 3.85% 13
3 Undecided/ Need more Information 24.26% 82
Total 100% 338







Q8 – At this current moment, What format would you prefer for fall?

# Answer % Count
1 Remote 23.15% 78
2 In-Person 43.32% 146
3 Hybrid 33.53% 113
Total 100% 337





Q9 – What are you concerns regarding an in-person fall semester?


N/A — 21 answers (blank rows indicate N/A)
Others not wearing masks and social distance in streets, haven’t shopped on my own, public transportation to go home, etc.
Enforcing masks being worn by everyone
I’m mainly concerned with class sizes being too large.
Having too many people present in a room, not enough space between every person in a room
Staying apart and the spike in the virus
I fear getting sick.
Health and safety of myself and others.
Wearing a mask all day, particularly for those with health conditions or those who have 3 classes back to back, will be difficult. It will not be easy or comfortable to do it, so I imagine that a lot of students will be miserable. A lot of college involves group work and presentations, another difficult aspect to overcome because masks make it more difficult to hear one another and you can’t sit close to classmates. With the volume of people at Pace, especially because there are people who dorm, it feels like the virus has an easy way of spreading from person to person. Even if classes and number of people in the building were limited, it would be difficult because  there are too many students, faculty, classes and schedules to accommodate to. All in all, these are huge health risks for those who commute and their families.
Having to wear a mask. It’s not effective and prohibits a lack of oxygen and inhaling your own carbon monoxide can make you sick.
Traveling as an international student
My commute
Number of kids in the class
Performing Arts classes should be in-person before any academics that can be complete online, due to the nature of the course and the necessary materials
My only concern is wearing a mask while doing high level of activity. Being apart of PPA and wearing a mask will make everything difficult for us to learn.
The teachers health and adults health compared to the students as much.
My family is not extremely wealthy so paying for pace is a big sacrifice. My parents were willing to pay because of the top notch training and experience I would get as a PPA student. My concern is that without shows, auditions, safety in the city as a whole, and possibly having to move my dance classes online again, I won’t be getting the experience that I’m paying for. In this case I would much rather take a gap semester and get some credits out of the way at an online/community college that is much less expensive. I can’t make any decisions until I have information so I’m really just struggling to figure out what I should do.
PPA needs to meet in person to have a full experience for their curriculum
My concern is that I am a PERFORMING arts major. We cannot do remote classes. It is absurd to think we are “getting the same education” and absurd there is no tuition reduction. This is showing us that the school has no care about us but it’s institution only.
Having to commute on public transportation, class sizes, social distancing, the amount of people I would have to come into contact with when I show up
Maintaining CDC guidelines while still being able to fully experience our courses (Not online)
The Virus
Depending on restrictions/regulations like smaller class sizes or being online, I’m worried ab getting the most out of my education. Online learning is harder. And with smaller class sizes, we’ve already registered. How do they plan on reducing class sizes without setting anyone back?
Not enough done yet for residents
catching the virus and bringing it home
I worry about Professors who can’t afford to not come in but may be at increased risk of infection. I am concerned about the majority of students who commute and would be forced onto public transportation at a time when that is not a safe way to travel.
I am concerned about the cafeteria, because it was originally buffet and with so many people in there all the time it seems likely to be a hotspot for contracting the virus.
The most concerning thing is the protective measures are not properly used and followed
Some of the concerns regarding an in-person fall semester are the maintaining of social distancing, the health of others including the professors, sanitization before and after use of institution, and the length of classes in terms of possible curfews.
I think it is too close to call based on the comfort levels. I feel it could be detrimental for testing based on human rights, but it is inevitable a airborne virus will affect.
Getting my grandma sick
Having an upsurge in covid cases
Catching corona virus and dying
Because of the nature of how Covid progress and reveals itself I am concerned that it may be transmitted without one being aware of them having it.
contracting the virus/bacteria and dying.
Im a dyson major so doing labs in person is important so we understand the concept
others not complying with regulations
Missing out on too many opportunities that would be available in a different situation (performing, rehearsals, etc.)
i am immunocompromised and i worry about my health. however, i do have classes that need to be in person. all classes that can be online should be online.
I’m worried about contracting covid-19.
In regards to my particular major a big portion of my education in by putting what I learn via lectures into play during production. I’m not sure what the plans are in regards to production but I see it as a necessity for my learning.
That I will be sent home again and I have to fly and it is a lot of money
Multiple person contact in performing arts classes and public transportation such as subways
The lack of serious steps towards prevention, and communal spaces.
I am concerned about completely online courses because I do not learn well that way. In terms of health concerns, as long as everyone is required to wear masks and other personal protective equipment if needed, I would be pretty comfortable in a small class.
Regardless of what Pace does, the city is a hotspot for COVID. There’s no way to prevent students interaction with the city. It’s impossible to completely prevent COVID from entering the pace community. Along with this, it seems that Pace, along with all colleges, is unconcerned with student safety and are willing to risk community health to make money. My classes need to be done in person and I know pace will not lower my tuition despite the fact I would be getting a lesser education remotely. It feels like a lose-lose situation due to Pace’s drive to make money.
Small classrooms and too many students in the class, commuting via public transportation
I don’t think there is a safe way to bring back thousands of people into a city which is not managing its current crisis well.
International student might not be able to come back to Pace unless the border reopen.
Crowded classrooms/campus
Sanitization of desks / doorknobs
a spike in cases
An in-person fall semester WILL contribute to the next anticipating wave.
Nothing really. I think everyone would feel a little weird at first, especially considering no one has seen each other since March. After a few weeks I think it would be normal.
I’m concerned for my safety as well as my family’s safety. I would prefer to be remote
I am afraid students will not stick to the rules set in place. My other concern is my commute to Pace, I wouldn’t mind going some days for some classes, but everyday I feel like it would be too much exposure.
spreading of COVID-19
Getting sick/ hit with a second wave.
Quite frankly, the cleanliness at Pace was disgusting even before the pandemic. I wouldn’t feel comfortable stepping foot into the building unless I know and see staff actively disinfecting all surfaces continuously throughout the day.
The logistics of having students in stairwells and elevators at the same time being told to “distance”. Commutes to class will be longer, and I would hope that professors are understanding.
This is a must for performing arts
Large out breaks
getting sick and my family sick
This disease is not over It does exist and the fact that the school plans to reopen should be an option for those wanting to come into class. If classes can be held remotely they should be!!!!!!!
None really as long as there are precautions. PPA really cannot do another semester online
Sanitation and elevators
An outbreak of COVID at Pace / being in NYC
People not wearing masks
people not wearing masks
Small Classrooms with too many students, riding the subway more than necessary
Safety protocols and how they will be enforced(particularly in Kessel and bathrooms). Hygiene and sanitation measures. Flexibility of professors with both remote and in person. Accesibility to testing for students.
As a PPA student, I believe having in-person classes for my core curriculum is vital. There could be some limiting to being fully back and in-person, but having all of my classes online again is unacceptable to me. As for my academic classes, I do not care whether those are online or not. I would like for at least my performing arts classes to be in-person, though.
I have talked to many people who do not “believe” that COVID19 is real. Therefore, they are not listening to social distancing rules and masks and putting many many others at risk. What is the plan to ensure that all students follow safety protocols so that Pace students do not die?
My concerns are whether it is safe to sign a lease in order to be in the city or to come home to high risk family members and spread the germs to them. Also, Pace gets crowded in elevators, stairwells, and common areas during rotation times so I am worried how those spaces will be, even if everyone wears masks.
Too stressed, too many other concerned and not learning enough, using subway and train to go back home
My concerns are signing a lease on an apartment only to have a second wave occur and have money wasted on class. Also, the cost of tuition if a second wave occurs.
Accommodating for every student
My mom is disabled and undergoing neurosurgery scheduled right before I return to school, so she will already be on bed rest for several weeks, and she’s close to the risk group age so I don’t want to make her health circumstances even worse, but I’m also scared that if I don’t go to required classes (like labs) I will be penalized. (Which is why I think hybrid is the most ideal where students are only required to go to their labs but lectures can be conducted online because lab stations are already spaced out, we wear gloves, and essentially that is the only acceptable context for me to go to class)
Their not knowing where students who are international or from the Tri-state area are coming from. I think there could perhaps be rules as to “if you are coming from abroad you must quarantine for two weeks or you will not be allowed in the class”. Or “if you have been exposed to an area outside of NYC, that has high levels of COVID, we respectfully ask that you quarantine before returning. I think all students should be tested.
Traveling on the LIRR and subway
I want to be able to return to Greek Life.
I don’t want to get sick. With how the US is handling this we are going to be hit harder than any where else in the world because we aren’t taking it seriously and I am genuinely scared. Especially because we are in NYC
Social distancing will be very difficult in our classrooms
Many people getting sick, crowded elevators, lack of cleanliness in common areas. What if someone does get sick and struggles to keep up with school work while self isolating and also recovering?
There will be too many regulations that it won’t be the same quality of education
Managing stress of not getting sick with classes, being around people in the building, being in the city, other students not being careful
Lax on precautions
There may be a second wave of coronavirus
second wave
That people will not wear masks/social distance and a second wave will hit. I have a compromised immune system so i have concerns.
The virus still going around.
The amount of people in the building and the correct safety measures taken.
getting COVID since NY does have HIGH levels of it
Getting sick and bringing it to my family
people who don’t want to follow guidelines
Doing online classes and having to waste so much money on something that can be done exactly the same for cheaper.
Nursing students and clinical
I’m just concerned that not enough would be done to upkeep checking on the health of students and staff.
COVID-19 and cleanliness
Faster spread of corona virus
Starting the semester in person, then enduring similar confusion/ chaos as in spring 2020 in regards to moving everything online. Also, I am worried about my personal health as I commute to pace everyday via public transportation.
I think it will be strange to wear a mask in my acting and vocal classes.
Needs to be in person.
Being enough room for everyone to be back safely. Elevators and stairwells being crowded.
Quarantining when someone is suspected of being sick.
A big concern is commuting to and from Pace. Public transportation is unavoidable. I’m also concerned about the crowded caf. There’s no way social distancing will work there with more than a few people and people need for at peak times. Also there are many surfaces that need to be constantly cleaned (desks, computer keyboards, glass doors etc)
The elevators
Right now my concerns are not returning for the fall in person. I want my in person education and acting training that I’m paying thousands for.
COVID-19 and Pace cleanliness
Commute, being in a class with many students, Pace’s lack of preparation during registration time which could have reduced class sizes, planned to clean in between classes, and overall care for students’ health over receiving money
Public transportation is my only way to get to school and I don’t feel the trains will be safe.
My family getting sick
cleaning high touch areas
I’d be pretty upset if I was in a class and “some” of the class got to be there in person, but I was stuck watching from a computer.
I’m concerned that if we’re only in person until Thanksgiving, that that small amount of time spent on campus won’t be worth the health risks. If we’re committing to in-person learning, I want a full commitment. Going remote after Thanksgiving should only last for the two week incubation period so we can resume in-person learning ASAP.
Being in crowded NYC
If the University commits to an in person approach to this semester and there is a second wave of the virus that requires us to go online again and not getting my money’s worth as a result
none at all, it delivers an exponentially increased quality of education I most definitely did not acquire during the last part of the second semester.
I’m concerned about paying for less of an education. If classes are online, I will most likely take the semester off. I don’t want to pay an insane amount of money to sit at home paying for WiFi to be in class.
Too many people in shared space/classroom at one time. Classrooms are very small for classes of 30 students.
Just feel like being in PPA I need to be in person
I have no idea how we are going to do proper acting classes in the fall. Kinda wish to just to Gen eds in the fall and all performance in the spring.
Comprised PPA training, an outbreak at Pace, and/or people not following the community guidelines and endangering other people.
Commuting with a ton of people on the subway and sitting in class with them. There will be a spike of covid in Sept. Covid test would not eliminate chance of infection after the test.
Getting COVID and passing it to my infant son
Spreading rapidly via Cafe 101
I think at the graduate level there are other non-pace variables that exist.  My classmates will come from schools that neither myself nor my children attend.  Also I need to deal with the childcare, which I am not sure if I am comfortable with yet
That the university is only telling us we will be going back so that they can secure our tuition money but in actuality we shouldn’t be going back.
Getting sick
People not being mindful of CDC recommendations
Essentially my health, since I live with Kids and an old person
The crowded flow of the cafeteria
I’m mostly concerned about getting information to the students in time to prepare their individual plan (safety wise and financially) for the fall semester
my PPA classes are pointless if not in person.
I work with children with severe disabilities and I am unsure of how we will be able to work in precautions because of their severe cognitive disabilities. Also, I have two school aged children myself. I need to get to Pace on public transportation. To me, there are too many variables as it stands now that will put me and others at risk by my attending classes in person.
My only concern is that I will have moved back up to New York in August or September, to only have to move out again in October.
Sanitized computer keyboard and mouse.
Catching covid, spreading it, death
Public transportation is full of people who may carry covid.
That it won’t happen and my learning will suffer.
Exposure to illnesses and possible transmission to my children and spouse.
That it will be like normal. I think there should be hybrid learning (online for a portion, in person for a portion)
As a Pace Performing Arts student, I need in person training.
Social Distancing
If there’s an uptick in cases and we all have to go online again. I would want my money back.
Likely that cases may grow
triples & sports
People not wearing masks
How they will be able to social distance people
I work in a hospital so I believe that starting the semester online would be the best possible way for me and other that will be flying from over seas and dorming.
Having the virus spread faster and easier.
Having to go back home mid semester
Students not realizing their stuffy nose could be more than the common cold.
a new outbreak
It is scary considering the fact that there could be limitations in place but some people might not have a high temperature yet or showing symptoms. Also you could limit how many people are in a room but how are we going to know if it is sanitized and safe for the people coming next? It is a big building and hard to maintain after every class or person walks in a room. I also have a long commute with public transportation which involves a bus and train.
I want to come back to school. I need my campus environment to thrive. I need to be in the library to do work. I need my routine to be stable. I need pace again.
People having COVID without knowing, lack of funding to test people for covid
Something might happen if someone travels off campus for something.
social distancing with our standard class size without students getting removed from courses
How is food going to be done, how are larger classes going to happen, study abroad?, what is programs going to be like
students attending class even when they are sick. Would like to have a hybrid that way we can operate remotely even from our dorm rooms (in case you feel sick, you can stay in your room and work as a safety measure).
Getting sick
getting the virus
Too much of a hassle
A spike in COVID-19 Cases
Tuition costs
Wearing masks at all times seems really uninviting and irritating
none I need to take classes in person. I do not do well with online.
none i’m more concerned if we are not on campus
Overly crowded class rooms
If whoever is attending the classes is sick or not
people coming to class sick due to previous penalties for missed class.
Ability to actually learn after the Spring 2020 semester. Some students became so used to this form of Zoom learning, that it may become difficult for them to transition back to in-person learning.
Controlling what people do off campus
The possible spread of the virus being as the fall semester takes place during flu season months. I also worry that not everyone will follow the appropriate guidelines to keep everyone safe which may put others at risk. What about nursing and education majors who need to go out in their field to gain experience to graduate?
I believe with practices in place we can still have a perfectly fine fall semester
That it won’t happen
I’m concerned that others will not take their health seriously and will put others at risk
People won’t follow social distancing rules and there will be another spike and classes will have to be online again. Professors won’t be accommodating at all just like how they disregarded students situations when we went remote
Crowding in kessel during common hour is all I can think of right now







Q10 – What concerns do you have about dorming/residing on-campus ?


N/A — 78 answers (blank rows indicate N/A)
Students using same elevator buttons, friends and roommates friends being over
Too many people in a small space
I’m most afraid of rooming with someone who has been exposed to the virus, especially since, as of right now, I don’t have a roommate yet.
how is being an RA gonna work
I don’t have many concerns as long as the building is monitored and cleaned regularly.
I don’t dorm but as stated before, probably how close people will be and sharing the same facilities with one another.
Other people noy being careful enough
Dorming with someone who may not follow the minimal requirements such as washing hands and keeping a clean environment in the dorm.
I dont live on campus
I live alone so im pretty okay just no res life function
None specifically, aside from how a student will self quarantine if they obtain COVID
The adults health and how social distancing will be enforced.
My health being in close proximity and using shared bathroom spaces
Extra cleaning for shared spaces (ie: restrooms and lounges)
Communal bathrooms & cleanliness, variety of foods able to be available in kessel (ie: hot food and other self-serve stations, I am planning on living in a triple, if they limit # of roommates/suitemates am I guaranteed housing still? Would I be with my friends? Bc if I can’t live on campus and classes are in person, I CANT GO TO PACE
Daily interactions and weekend night life might spike cases
I about the rooming situation because I won’t know whether my roommate contracts the disease or not or if they are as cautious and sanitary as necessary.
I am planning on residing or dorming on-campus, but I do hope for the safety of those who are required to do so.
Precautions should be taken into account.
making sure they don’t bring in any sicknesses
Catching corona virus and dying
Elevators, being stuck in one tiny room and not being able to go anywhere else
Large amounts of people in the elevators
Just that having enough people in the same space is dangerous.
One of the perks of pace is that students are almost forced to interact with NYC. However, because of this it means that students are constantly in a hotspot and if one person gets COVID after a trip to the caf, it’s almost guaranteed it will spread like wildfire.
one person will end up infecting the rest of the dorm
I think the rates for housing should be cheaper if we are leaving before Thanksgiving. If they aren’t, it’s personally not worth it for me to live on campus.
I do not live on campus but my friends do and I would feel uncomfortable being around them
Protocol for if a resident gets COVID – how that works/isolation, etc.
Constant cleaning should be in tact
I don’t live on campus
Elevators crowded during peak hours
Possible transmission. No proper cleaning of facilities.
I am an RA this coming year so I luckily have a single. However, I am worried about communal bathrooms and how you plan to clean them.
close quarters with people around world, community spaces
Small elevators. roommate situations
Living with multiple roommates, Maria’s Tower’s communal bathrooms and spaces
Elevators and everyone having to press the buttons, small space that a lot of people try to fit in
I do not plan to reside on campus, but usually the facilities aren’t cleaned much and it could result in more sickness
People not following guidelines
The amount of people in the building.
it seems like a covid outbreak in the dorms is likely
Getting sick and bringing it to my family
How would we ride in elevators? Like things like that don’t make sense. But if I know my friends are safe I would want to be with them.
Small living area shared with another people who might have a different lifestyle
COVID-19 and Pace cleanliness
That it would be unsafe. Or that all the precautionary measures would be too imposing make the experience worth it.
A lot of colleges are doing singles for everyone which would feel safer. A shared living space with people that aren’t blood relatives is an uncomfortable idea right now
Easy to spread amongst floors
There’s no way you can make safe social distancing in a dorm. It’s impossible.
Elevator backup
Guest entry and visitation , also use of the common spaces (lounges, gym, shared restrooms)
I don’t dorm but I would hope testing is conducted regularly and whenever a student feels they should be tested with no questions asked.
Social distancing
I’m an RA and I’m sure we will figure something out.
Nothin i’m goin back
triple rooms
Being trapped in my room all day
I think it is very important that students shouldn’t return to live on campus due to the fact that em they will be coming from different parts of the world.
Having to go back and not getting a sufficient redound like spring 2020 semester
Not enough air filtration.
how will guests work? How will social distancing work?
Potential wave of COVID since it is enclosed space
Too many people would be dorming that it makes the rooms crowded
allowing students more time in advance to move in
How’s is the communal bathroom situation going to work
Worried that some people won’t take precautions seriously (i.e. won’t social distance as needed or exceed capacity)
Getting sick
Improper cleaning techniques that let COVID spread
Social Distancing
I don’t know if I’m willing to pay the same amount for much less of the college experience
how clean will martin hall be?
communal bathrooms
Usually when one person gets sick in a dorm then everyone gets sick. The cleaning crew doesn’t clean enough. There should be less people in the dorms.
sick roommate
Ability to social distance and to live comfortably in the dorms.
Too much contact
Living with others who come from all over the country and may be in contact with those who are sick/have been sick. If others get sick, we are in a close proximity to them. In addition, we are sharing laundry rooms, kitchens, lounges, etc. The quality of “life” while dorming will greatly diminish due to the necessary guidelines and measures that will be put in place to keep everyone safe. Dorming is all about meeting others, living with your friends, going to events, etc. – all of that is taken away to a certain extent. Even getting food/meals will be another challenge. What about pace perk? Kessel? How do I trust that those cooking my meals are taking the necessary precautions to keep themselves and others safe.
Close quarters with too many suitemates.  Pace tends to House people like cattle.
Communal Bathrooms
I’m nervous about students doing everything they can to stay safe outside of dorms but not being responsible in dorms
People are gonna get too comfortable and throw social distancing out the window
Unsanitary communal bathrooms, when I lived in Martin the bathrooms were disgusting.








Q14 – How can Pace support you during the transition to a different experience with campus-life?


N/A — 24 answers (blank rows indicate N/A)
Not increase the tuition after we have had a pandemic and didn’t get enough compensation for this last semester.
Ensure contactless hand sanitizer stations are full. Offer free disposable masks in case we forgot our masks.
Begin slow.  Don’t try to jump back in
There needs to be a way to fix participation grading in classes. If we have in person classes and I don’t feel comfortable attending I should not lose points for not going. My grade should be based on the work that I submit.
Constant monitoring and social distancing
I think the most important thing is to listen to the student body. If there is some way that classes can continue in person for those who need it and online for the others who need it, I think that would be best. I think students need to be heard for the sake of their own thoughts, concerns for others and concerns for their families.
Keep campus life normal. Minimize class size
Communicate and give answers!!
Communication, i don’t feel Pace cares about the performing arts students
Please let us come back!!
Be there for us, make rules, and make people abide by them. practice social distancing and reach out to us if needed
By providing as much information as possible about what to expect in the fall.
Refund PPA’s extra money paid in their tuition
My concern is that I am a PERFORMING arts major. We cannot do remote classes. It is absurd to think we are “getting the same education” and absurd there is no tuition reduction. This is showing us that the school has no care about us but it’s institution only.
Make an online option for those who are scared!
Providing resources and maintaining guidelines and safety measures diligently
Give us clear answers. Give us dates, even if they’re hypothetical. The last email we got stated that an early start is possible. What would that date be? People already have vacations and other events planned for the summer, with a hypothetical date we can prepare for any situation. Provide masks to students for free. If we have to wear them, pace should provide them, point-blank-period. No penalties for being absent from class due to presenting COVID-19 symptoms. Alternative class options for students at high risk for COVID-19.
Please addres nightlife issues with Pace’s community as this can essily lead to a spike
keep it remote, it went well last semester.
We need to be refunded for the dining dollars that we cannot use (especially those graduating in December).  Pace needs to communicate often and clearly.
I think the ending of last semester was unconventional but Pace strives to make it as comfortable for the students as possible. The flexibility that each professor had and was required by the school was good for the students.
The help that Pace can provide me during this transition is more of emotional and mental support. I think there needs to be measures taken to sometimes distract the mind from the pandemic of both Covid-19 and racism.
Give me my degree.
maybe more online based courses
Take our safety and health as priority when making any decisions.
take proper precautions but not over the top ones.
drop tuition costs
Make a decision so we can plan
Provide film class movies that have to be screened at home for free. Also, provide easily access able financial help for students who have parents who were laid off due to covid.
As much regular cleaning as we can afford. Systems for frequently handled objects like doors or buttons, regularly refilled sanitizer stops around campus, and more frequent cleaning of shared spaces, for starters
I believe that Pace needs to concede to the fact that for many students, remote learning is a lesser form of education and lower tuition. Many students can barely afford Pace as is but understand they are getting a higher level of education. Studio classes cannot be done online. It is still unsafe for faculty and students to be in studio classes so Pace should lower tuition as an understanding that the education is worse.
Sanitizing stations, cleaning class rooms after classes, cheaper tuition
Financial compensation
Communication updates
Make sure everything is clean
Give us the option of staying home. Online school will exams on campus?
I think Pace needs to be a little hands off here. Everyone needs to respect each others feelings about personal space. If someone is wearing a mask, stay distant from them because they likely feel strongly about it. If someone’s not wearing a mask, let it be. Forcing people to wear a mask/social distance or on the other hand not enforcing those things will only make people angry and not want to comply. Leave it up to the students and professors to make personal decisions.
By taking all precautionary measures to ensure safety from COVID and offering remote learning to those who don’t feel comfortable
I would prefer remote learning for fall 2020. I believe it is the best option.
Flexibility with students wanting to go on campus and/or online at times, less expectations on students (living in a pandemic is stressful enough)
Keep things clean clean clean
accommodate for those who are high risk (like myself)
keep classes remote
Making sure that PPA can be in person
provide mask and ensure sanitation
Be more communicative.
provide masks and refund
Keeping students informed.
Pace should continue to check in on its students to see what they think of the school’s solutions for the fall semester. This way, if COVID-19 is still a factor in the spring of 2021, they will know what to keep and what to change.
Detail out and share a plan with action steps for every possibility.
housing deposits back if not living, let us know now rather than later what’s happening, listen to what we’re saying
By providing a detailed plan sooner rather than later and being accomodating to the PPA student who need to have in-class training. My ideal situation would be to keep academics online and only allow classes that need to be in-person meet.
Patience. In a time of uncertainty where the personal constitutions of individuals are not necessarily level, and each individual has various concerns – or no concerns at all – those who are trying to be safe should not be penalized for doing so. There should be an alternative option for those students who do not feel comfortable returning in-person. Such as recording lectures and posting them so students who choose to stay home can view them (and most assignments are already online anyway). This is a demonstration of equity because we all have different concerns to different extents, but accommodating to these individuals to establish a level field is quintessential in my opinion.
Make tuition cheaper.
More communication. I felt that there wasn’t much when this all started to u fold
Just be transparent and get information out as soon as possible and understand that students in PPA don’t have the option to delay their education
Either compensate me monetarily for the lack of resources you will be able to provide or give us the option to not have as many restrictions
Not force people to go back if they don’t feel comfortable/safe doing so
I need CONCRETE information. Many of us are under the wire in signing leases. If we aren’t in person, then we are stuck in a one year lease and that is tens of thousands of dollars lost.
Flexibility and understanding if a student isn’t feeling healthy. My professors would always require a doctors note to be excused from class, but in some cases like if I had a fever or a stuffy nose, I wouldn’t see a doctor right away. There should be options that a student can view the class online if they are feeling sick. And I hope pace really enforces social distancing and masks.
Teaching Online
Provide information and safety measures.
Go remote for the fall
If we have online classes, organize them better. My education was not sufficient at all as a film major online, as we did not have access to anything.
give us updstes but please don’t make decisions too soon. I want to have a somewhat enjoyable senior year, especially a spring semester
Online courses
Informing students properly regarding the new rules applied on campus building as well as providing more sanitation/protective gear
Keep us posted on the plans for fall 2020.
Keep us updated!
I want to go back to college and continue learning, but I expect some kind of decrease in tuition if we’re not fully in-person. I’m not paying to go to college online. I need pace to be there for it’s students financially as well as making sure we are all safe and healthy
Refunding all the remaining cafeteria money to me
Involve students in the discussion and be transparent
Availability of Online classes
Clubs can meet online, arrange online career fairs/meetings
lower the price
Financial Aid and tuition reduction. I lost my job.
Sanitizers and masks available for free everywhere
Accommodations in the form of tuition or otherwise to improve the experience and not have it feel too restricting.
Taking into account the time differences with synchronous classes, ensuring professors actually continue teaching online as opposed to assigning random online busy work etc
Make it as close to normal as possible.
Give information and precautions ahead of time
Just let us do our classes in person
Allow PPA classes to be held in-person. Do a good job of enforcing community guidelines.
They must return
Keep more classes remote, or at least have that option
Be honest with us and their intentions.
By giving us our fucking money back
Remote Learning
A more lenient attendance policy
My major requires me to be learning in person so Pace should do everything that they can to allow that to happen
Detailed and updated information via email
There needs to be more space. Students are already fighting for use of public spaces and sometimes end up finding any place they can to study, rehearse, and socialize leading to a definite disregard of the social distancing that I’m sure will be put in place
Just as long as I stay as informed as possible and am not left in the dust to assume and guess what is to happen next, I have no issues.
Listen to students and communicate openly about official public health information.
Less work
Ensure the safety of its students
Lower your tuition.
Please don’t make me take PPA course online.
Let me come back
more hand santizer stations
Making it as normal as possible
I wish they would give us all the information
I believe classes should be help online.
Counseling and a lot of information.
Just keep us safe and healthy
Have better air quality in buildings.
actually answer our concerns.
I’ll be fine as long as I come back and can use all the Pace resources.
Test every student, faculty, staff for COVID19 upon returning.
Make problems that might occur easier to handle
create an environment that would allow students to both move in but to also be safe
Still being able to utilize all of the resources and spaces just kept more clean and safe
Keep it the same as always
Giving me a single
just abide by coronavirus precaution guidelines please
Give us an answer ASAP
Accessible communication between students and staff
Active cleanliness around campus
Ask what we want and give us an option
I would prefer to have my own bathroom
By having less people in the dorm
provide more info and new rules and regulations for classes
Offer support for students in multiple areas.
Living on campus would be a completely different experience and there will likely be a lot of necessary restrictions which will limit the opportunities that we had before the crisis. If I have to go back to campus for in-person classes or to dorm, the cost should match the kind of experience that we will be getting – which will be limited. I’m sure Pace is hurting, but so are students and families as well. They can’t expect us to pay the same price of downing/tuition if campus-life is completely different.
Continue to make it possible to see my friends and engage in my classes
Provide masks and sanitizer
Be there and be open with communication
Having professors be more accommodating for students, if classes are partly remote they must decrease the tuition, it was ridiculous to not give an adequate refund that reflected the fact that we lost half the semester. I along with many other students should not be expected to pay $60,000+ for remote or distance learning



Q15 – What year will you be as of the Fall 2020 semester?


# Answer % Count
1 First-Year Student 1.78% 6
2 Sophomore 17.46% 59
3 Junior 38.76% 131
4 Senior 31.07% 105
5 Graduate Student 10.95% 37
Total 100% 338











Q16 – What Major(s) and Minor(s) are you currently pursuing?


What Major(s) and Minor(s) are you currently pursuing?
BFA Acting
Childhood Education and Special Education
Business Analytics
English major
Computer Science
bio psych
Criminal Justice Major
Childhood education
Childhood Education
Political Science
Health Science
Commercial Dance & Business
Major: Health science minor: biology
Production and design for stage and screen
Criminal Justice
Commercial Dance (major) and Arts & Entertainment management (minor)
Commercial Dance
Commercial Dance
BFA Commercial Dance
Commercial dance, no minor
BFA Commercial Dance
Commercial Dance
Commercial Dance
Commercial dance
Applied psychology and human relation
Masters in childhood education
BFA Acting
Applied Psych and Sociology
MSEd in Childhood Elementary Ed & Childhood Elementary SPED
Peace and Justice Studies Major- minors in Spanish and Politics
Major in computer informations systems with a minor in either journalism or pre-law (still determining)
Business Analytics
Masters in Special Education
Film and Screen Studies major with Arts and Entertainment Management Minor
BFA Acting
Stage Management
major: Business Economics
MS Education
BFA Acting Major, Film and Screen Studies Minor
Childhood Education
Applied psychology major and minor business
chem major
Childhood Education
Stage management
Stage management
Major: commercial dance, minor: arts and entertainment management
Stage Management
Stage Management
Stage management
double major: BA: Acting and Film and screen studies
BFA Acting
I am currently a Political Science major, but I plan on changing it.
Masters in Teaching
Economics, Finance
Production and Design for Stage (PPA)
Computer Science, B.S.
Computer Science
Business Economics Major, Finance Minor
Major in Applied Psychology Minor in Creative Writing
Public accounting BBA/MBA/ Business Analytics
bio majory
Political Science
I’m currently and international management major, but thinking of changing to finance.
Communication studies minor in journalism and digital storytelling
economics and womens and gender studies
Biological Psychology
BFA acting
Business Economics
Communication Studies, Language/Culture/World Trade, Italian, Translation Studies
BFA Acting
Economics / Film
AEM, special events marketing
BA Acting IPE and Philosophy
BFA Acting
behavioral neuroscience
Film and English
BFA Acting Major, Film and Screen Studies Minor
GMM major, analytics minor
Film and screen studies, communication studies, psychology
BFA Acting Major
Anthropology/sociology & art
Business economics and finance minor
Arts and Entertainment Management Major with minors in Sports Marketing and Economics
Behavioral Neuroscience/Chem Minor
Business Economics
BA Acting
Computer science major, language and linguistics minor and Italian minor
Childhood education
Commercial dance
Business Econ
FSS and Communication Studies double major, minor in Women and Gender Studies
BFA musical theatre, minor in Critical Race & Ethnicities
Speech Language Pathology
Adolescent education in English
arts & entertainment management / fashion marketing minor
communication studies & arts and entertainment management
Environmental Studies Major and Chemistry Minor
Business Management
Health Science Pre PA
BFA Acting
Environmental science with a minor in ecology
Arts & Entertainment Management Major, Special Events Minor
Nursing major
English language and literature major and communications studies minor
Computer Science and Cyber Security
Information Systems Major with Graphic Design minor
Biology major and Business minor
Adolescent education/history
BFA acting. Minoring in creative writing
Art history with minors in art and women and gender studies
Psych and WGS
Economics and computer science
Anthropology and Communications double major, politics minor
CSD and italian
BFA Acting
Criminal Justice major and Neuroscience minor
Entertainment Management/ Law minor/ Digital Media Studies Minor
Film and screen studies
Biology, Psychology
mgt minor in finance
arts management
BFA Acting
BFA Acting
Economics, Modern Languages and Cultures
BFA acting
BFA Acting
Special Education
BS in Special Education
BFA acting
MST Education
BFA Acting
BFA Acting
Adolescent education
Bfa acting
History Major, Classical and Medieval Studies Minor
BFA acting
BFA Acting
BFA Acting
BFA Acting
BFA Acting
BFA Acting
BFA Acting
Masters in special ed 7-12 generalist
BFA Acting
BFA Acting
Media and communication arts
BFA Acting, FSS Minor
Bfa acting
BFA Acting
Master of Education
BFA Acting
BFA Acting
Special Education
Bfa acting
BFA acting
Public Relations
Accounting Major, Math Minor
Major : Criminal Justice Minor: Pysch
Health sciences
Environmental Studies
Nursing and Psych
Communications and Photography
Health Science
Behavioral neuroscience
Economics major Finance minor
Film and Screen Studies and Criminal Justice
MA of Communications
Public relations major
Digital Journalism
Digital Journalism/ English and Communications
Applied Psychology and Human Relations with a minor in Sociology
Digital Cinema and Filmmaking
Criminal justice
International business
Health Science
Adolescent Education B.S.
Early childhood and childhood education concentration in biology
Communications and Public Relations
Digital Cinema and Filmmaking
digital cinema and filmmaking with a minor in women and gender studies
Information technology
Digital Cinema and Filmmaking, Spanish
Major:criminal justice and minor in sociology/ anthropology
Management, psychology, marketing
Secondary history education
Public Relations
Communications and Digital Marketing
Digital Cinema and Filmmaking
Behaviors Neuroscience Major, Chemistry Minor