Day Care On Campus

Josiah Darnell, Opinion Editor

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Enrollment in college comes at no age limit. You can enroll whenever you feel financially and mentally fit. With that, you have the students who come into college either right after high school or a couple of years after high school. Then you have students who have already decided to start their lives and want to pursue a degree to get them over the top. Either way, any student coming into college can have a whole other life. That life may include children.

As much of a blessing children are, their lives heavily impact the decisions made by their parents. Any student can have children and because of that, schedules might be limited to the amount of time they have between work, school, and home. That could lead to the possibility of the college process becoming longer. One thing that would make things easier for students with children would be to have a day care center on campus.

There are many students who are attending Pace that have children at home and some have children on the way. Without having a day care center present ,it complicates things. Payment and scheduling for a babysitter comes into play. Students would need to make sure the babysitter is available for the time they have classes. If things go wrong, either with them or the babysitter; both parties need to be reached with ease. If there is a day care center, all the student has to do is check in with their child or children from time to time to make sure things are okay.

Having a day care center on campuses is nothing new. In fact, there are high schools with day care centers in them and I’m sure there is an abundant amount with colleges that do too. It’s convenient and it makes sense. It’ll make that aspect of life easier for students.

On top of that, there are students who are education majors and plan to work with children in some fashion in the future. This could allow them to get hands on experience that they need and could serve as a confirmation as to if that is truly the profession they want to pursue. That’ll also open up job opportunities as well and allow Pace student to continue to broaden their horizons. If Pace wants to be that school who gives their students the advantage over their competition, then building a day care center should be on the list of things to help them do that.

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