15 more COVID-19 positives announced on PLV campus.


Pace Chronicle Staff

On Oct. 1. all students who choose to quarantine in Alumni Hall were given nasal COVID-19 tests by the Westchester County DOH.

Katie Walsh, Managing Editor

The Pleasantville campus continues to see an uptake of COVID-19 cases. The COVID-19 dashboard reports 15 new positive cases on Oct. 2. This brings the week total to 18 cases. This does not include the initial outbreak of 20 students that occurred last week, which led to the 2 week quarantine of all residents in Alumni Hall.

At this time, the PLV location is still highlighted in yellow,. This indicates a low-to-moderate risk state, according to the COVID-19 dashboard.

“Incidence of the COVID-19 remains low, but indicators show increased, or potential for, increase in transmission,” according to the webpage.

It is unclear at this time whether these numbers are from the campus randomized testing population, outside COVID-19 tests, or the Alumni Hall building testing that took place on Oct. 1 with nurses from the Westchester DOH.

Last week, Interim Dean for Students Rachel Carpenter, stated that there was a mix of asymptomatic and symptomatic cases on-campus.

Moreover, some Alumni Hall residents choose to quarantine at-home and will not be allowed back on-campus until they receive a COVID-19 negative test result on or after Oct. 8.