Effective immediately: On-Campus? Mask on.


Pace University

Students, faculty, and staff must wear a mask indoors, and outside when social distancing cannot be enforced.

Sequoia Cumming, Senior Reporter

Early Friday, Pace University updated the campus mask policy effective immediately. Masks are now required to be worn indoors at all times and outdoors when social distancing cannot be maintained.
Brian Anderson, Director of Emergency Management and Environmental Health and Safety, released a statement addressed to the Pace community.
“With the Delta variant of COVID-19 now dominant, New York City and Westchester are both designated as areas of ‘high community transmission.’ Face coverings are recommended in such areas [per the CDC],” Anderson states. “We will re-evaluate this policy as conditions change.”
Pace continues to encourage the community to stay on task with vaccinations. “If you have not yet uploaded your vaccine record, please do so immediately via the confidential Patient Portal. You can get upload instructions and other information, including how to request an extension or exemption, here.”
Anderson finalizes the policy update by maintaining that this new policy is subject to change.
“We look forward to relaxing our requirements as conditions allow.”
This article contains the most up-to-date information as of August 26, 2021.