Why the Health Care Center Needs to be Open on Weekends

Our university health care is top-notch, but illnesses do not just disappear on the weekends.



The newly renovated Paton House, which is the new location of the University Health Care Center.

Josiah Darnell , Opinion Editor

Health and Wellness is an important aspect of life for any individual. For that reason, colleges are equipped with health care centers to make sure they provide the necessary care for the students that reside there.

Accidents are spontaneous and disruptive for the person it affects. Sometimes that person can take care of themselves and use whatever home remedy they know works for the situation. Other times, that person has to confide in higher help with experts who are knowledgeable in that area.

For Pace students, that is the University Health Care Center, located in the Paton House behind Alumni Hall. Their hours of operation are Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. They are not open on weekends.

With the University Health Care Center being closed on the weekends, students are limited when a health situation occurs. Despite the multiple Urgent Care centers in the area, this option requires transportation and health insurance. But when health incidents occur, the patient may not remember their insurance card on them. That leads to phone calls back home and a stall in the process.

The University Health Care Center helps eliminate a good part of that process. Transportation may not always be a concern when getting to the University Health Care Center, and students pay for the Health Care Center so outside insurance isn’t an issue. This option allows students to get treated faster and easier when it’s time for a follow up.

The University Health Care Center is a place of familiarity and trust, rather than an urgent care center that is off campus and in an unfamiliar town.

It would be more convenient if the University Health Care Center stayed open on the weekends. A lot of mishaps occur over the weekend and if students can go to a place that is trustworthy and on campus, it will undeniably be more beneficial for them.