2020-2021 Academic Calendar sparks discussion



Every year the academic calendar becomes a topic of discussion amongst Pace students, staff and faculty.

Katie Walsh, Managing Editor

Pace’s academic calendar is decided years in advance to the physical academic year. 

The university has a calendar committee that votes on the days the university should be closed, etc. Over the past few years, there has been an inconsistency in the holidays Pace has off and the next year supplies no difference. This past year, the university had Veterans Day off for the first time. However, next fall, the university will continue to hold classes on that day.  The university gives certain religious holidays off, however not every single holiday is off. Many students, staff and faculty believe it should be an all or nothing mentality to help eliminate confusion and create consistency amongst the schedule. 

During the 2020 leap year, Labor Day also arrives later than normal in September. The start date for the 2020-2021 school year is not until September 7th. Pace already differs from other universities in the sense that it starts later. Furthermore, the late start date impacts date the semester ends on. 

The past few years, the semester has ended the Friday prior to the Christmas holiday. However, since Christmas is on a Friday next year, the semester ends on Tuesday December 22. 

Many students who travel back home for the holidays will continually complain about the increase of flight costs because it is so close to the holidays. This hinders a college students budget because it ends so close to the holiday. This will remain no different next year, as classes will be held the week of some of these winter holidays.

Additionally, many universities who have a large international student population may have a longer Thanksgiving break to help increase the reason for travel. Pace continues to only be closed Wednesday through Sunday for Thanksgiving Break. 

However, the university does have more conversion days within the calendar for next year. The conversion days are implemented to help balance the amount of times each class meets during the week. Many times classes are not held on the conversion days or students are absent because of prior scheduling conflicts. 

During the fall semester, there is a Friday evening class conversion date the Tuesday prior to Thanksgiving break. In addition, there is only one undergraduate study day being held which is on Tuesday December 15. 

In the spring semester, there will still be two undergraduate study days, as well as a conversion day. 

The academic calendar sparks a lot of debate between faculty, staff and students. It’s hard to say whether big changes will eventually come to Pace’s schedule, but it never remains exactly the same.