SGA Update November 14



Student Government Association (SGA) met in Miller Lecture Hall Fri., Nov. 14.

Jim Curry represented the Office of Degree Audit in Senate in order to create awareness of the new Degree Works Initiative that will provide aid to students attempting to verify their degrees prior to graduation.

The Office of Degree Audit (ODA) will be changing its title to the Office of Degree Verification due to student confusion about the office’s purpose.

Prototypes of potential classroom furniture were displayed to Senate in order to gain feedback regarding classroom designs.

Additionally, potential classroom layouts were displayed. These prototypes included collaborative learning style setups, which are rising in popularity among many preliminary and higher education classrooms. This style is seen as effective for focused, and interactive learning and productivity. However, the project is still in the preliminary stages of discussion and brainstorming.

The Office of Administration presented regarding the progress of the Master Site Plan for the Pleasantville Campus and what can be expected in the coming weeks.

During this week Pace received a temporary certificate for occupancy of the new environmental center.

The athletics complex work has begun and the baseball field will be completed in February 2015, the multi-purpose field will be completed in March 2015, the softball field in May 2015, and the field house in October 2015.

There was discussion of possible donations to be made by students in order to have a legacy attached to the Master Plan, such as a “Brick Campaign,” however, Senate has tabled discussion on the topic for next week.

Tunnel of Oppression is still in need of volunteers for tour guides, actors, and others that would be willing to help with the general development of the event. The Tunnel of Oppression Committee will be tabling in Kessel Student Center this week in order to receive feedback from students regarding ways that they have been oppressed.

Students with comments or questions can find the SGA office located near the Higher One office in Kessel Student Center and can also attend the SGA meeting this Fri., Nov. 21.