UPDATE: Connecticut-based Nature Center Looking At Museum Animals


A Connecticut-based nature center visited the Marty McGuire Museum on Wed., Mar. 22 to look at some of the animals. Photo courtesy of Samantha Mayrose/imgur.com.

James Miranda, Sports Editor

A nature center visited Pace’s Marty McGuire Environmental Museum Wed., Mar. 22 expressing interest in taking some of the animals as the relocation process has begun.

A Connecticut-based nature center visited for approximately 15 minutes to look at some of the animals in the museum, according to Nature Center Director Angelo Spillo, who was present during the meeting.

“They came and they weren’t interested in all of them, [just] some of them,” Spillo said. “It looks like they have a nice facility, it’s a nature center type facility, and it sounds like they have a pretty big variety of animals.”

Senior Associate Dean of Dyson Richard Schlesinger made initial contact with the nature center, according to Spillo, and was not available to comment. The identity, as well as any specifics regarding the Connecticut nature center, is unknown at the time.

How many and which animals specifically they’re looking at is also unknown.

Spillo explained he and his staff have been in contact with two undisclosed Putnam-based nature facilities who’ve also expressed interest. One will be visiting the Dyson College Environmental House within the upcoming weeks, according to Spillo.

Nothing is set in stone with any of the three nature centers, however, according to Spillo.

The student resolution that SGA (Student Government Association) leaders prompted students to create has a rough draft completed, according to Samantha Mayrose, who is working closely with students and SGA on the document.

Mayrose stated that she “would not like to disclose the information” until after an undetermined meeting with Dyson administrators.