Lubin Staff Helps Students Reach Their Full Potential


Lubin wants to help students reach their potential. Photo by Carmen Ballon

Carmen Ballon, Social Media Manager

Students, faculty, and staff came together in Gottesman Hall to help young business students reach for the stars and learn more about what Pace University’s Lubin School of Business has to offer.

Lubin advisor Jeanette Lewis believes that these meetings are crucial for student success.

“It’s an opportunity for students to gain more information, especially if students have any concerns,” Lewis said.

Prior to the meeting, surveys were administered to students in their classes, asking if they had any concerns to address in the Lubin Community Meeting.

“In today’s meeting we constructed a meeting by all the questions that were directly from the survey,” said Julian Alston.

A common concern of Lubin students, was knowing the faculty and staff. Students wanted to know of the possible staff resources they can use. In result, the Lubin Student representatives and Advisors invited professors, career counselors, and Neil S. Braun, Dean of the Lubin School of Business  to attend the community meeting.

One by one, staff, faculty, and representatives introduced themselves through name and position. Staff gave a warm welcome to all students, and were eager to assist students.

During Dean Braun’s introduction, he stated that his “favorite part of my job is to help find out what my students want to do.”

Following this, Professor Cathy Winstead explained the importance of the onsite student-run business. In return, students explained the importance of their leadership positions.

Throughout the meeting, advisors and career counselors explained the importance of internships and unlimited resources Lubin has to offer.

At the end of the meeting, there was a Q & A session to ask of any concerns or ideas for the Lubin school. A concern a student had was about class sizes and seating issues.

Students had the opportunity to address concerns and talk directly to staff about these problem. Dean Braun discussed  about the future changes for Lubin.

“We’ve done a lot of them already. We’re working on a video, about positing this campus as a learn by doing campus,” Braun said.”  It differentiates us from other schools like Iona, Marist, and Manhattan College. We went from one student business, to four successful business. Now onto the fifth. One thing that I’ve been a big advocate for is giving more opportunities to students to gain more experience.”

Through the Lubin Community Meeting, students, staff, and faculty came together and talked about the possibilities everyone has at Pace.