Pace puts a pause on residential move-out


Katie Walsh

Dark and empty resident halls after majority of residents moved off campus.

Katie Walsh, Managing Editor

As remote learning has been determined by the university, to take place of all in-class sessions for the remainder of the semester, many students are left to move out of their dorms and back into their homes. However, the university deferred moving out for the time being after NY state’s PAUSE executive order was issued. 

Students with no other option were welcome to stay in their dorm rooms until May 15 with clear understanding of the limited resources available on campus. The intentions of the majority of students who dormed were to move out. 

Originally, the Office of Residential Life and Housing had sent out an email to all campus residents detailing the way residents would be able to move out, while limiting the amount of people in the building, to keep the practice of social distancing.  

Those moving out were only permitted to have one additional guest to assist them. Furthermore, the university stated that they were blocking off entrances one and two to ensure their policy was being followed. Everyone who arrived onto the campus would have to pass through security at entrance three. 

Students were permitted to register for a specific date and time slot on their MyHousing portal.  These dates ranged from March 19 until April 6. 

However on Friday March 20, New York State Governor, Andrew Cumo enabled a PAUSE executive order. This PAUSE executive order stated that all non-essential businesses are required to shut down all in-office functions. This order became effective in New York State as of Sunday, March 22 at 8 p.m. 

The order put a hold on students return to campus to grab their belongings. Monday March 23 was the last day students who signed up for slots were able to retrieve their stuff. All those who signed up between the dates of March 24 and April 6 will have to sign-up for another time slot once the PAUSE is lifted by Governor Cumo. 

The email sent to all residential students did indicate that there is potential for an exception made for specific students, but they will be limited. Those who may believe they require an exception have to email  the office of residential life and housing at [email protected]

Students that have already retrieved their belongings, but did not return their keys are asked to mail them to the residential life’s office by March 31. 

The university has stated that they are looking into refunding and/or crediting students account, since students only remained on campus for half of the spring semester. However, details will be forthcoming according to the Pace University Official Website.