President Krislov’s second virtual town hall


Katie Walsh

Last year COVID-19 forced students to evacuate campus prior to the bloom of Spring.

Katie Walsh, Managing Editor

Pace president Marvin Krislov hosted his second town hall on Zoom with Provost Vanya Quiñones. He was accompanied by the dean of students from all three campus’  as well as, members from career services and student success.

Editor’s note:  Due to connection issues, The Pace Chronicle representative at the town hall missed the beginning 15 minutes. 

Career Service Resources

  • Career Services is ready to help students attain jobs and internships among the virus.
  • Phyllis Mooney, executive director of Career Services, gave advice for students to focus on being career ready. 
  1. Practice virtual interview skills 
  2.  Keep Resume up-to-date 
  3. Look at Career Services Calendar of Events 
  4. Read emails from Career Services 
  5. Complete Handshake Profile and visit it daily 
  6. Follow career service social media platforms

Pace Law  School 

Angela D’ Agostino, Dean of students at Haub School of Law was present. 

  • Law firms don’t have lots of work right now and courts are not open, so it’s difficult for these students to get work
  • Everyone is working hard to keep students engaged
  • Launched a Food + Clinical Agriculture industry research project
  • School is working with law firms 
  • Law School is offering new summer selection of cases to keep students engaged and involved in their studies

Services for students: 

  • Counseling Services online
  • Learning Center 
  • Writing Center 
  • Academic Advising
  • Career Services 
  • Source for all Pace and non-pace events that students may be interested in. 
  • SDCA on both NY and PLV campuses are working at continuing to release programs to keep students connected.

Some Students remain on campus

  • If students did not have a place to go, they would stay in residence with Pace
  • Many students may not be able to fly home, may not be safe at home or have a place to go at all
  • These students are still in dorms on campus, and may have just switched dorms to consolidate usage 

Housing Refund

  • Started releasing adjustment money through my housing website. Must let the university  know if you want adjustment immediately or applied to next year
  • Calculated this refund number based on the cost of maintaining housing to be ready to open next semester. More detailed info is located at or you can email the provost office for more detail [email protected] 

Housing for Fall 2020: 

  • Hold on accepting student deposits until June 1
  • Those who cannot pay the deposit can still participate in roommate selection
  • A couple weeks into May, residential life will connect with those who have not placed a deposit and if needed will work with them on a case-by-case situation


  • “Big Decision should not be taken lightly”- Sue Maxam, Assistant Vice President for Student Success. “Absolutely positively meet with advisors because can impact Financial Aid, Dean’s List and Academic Scholarships.”
  • Financial aid developed portal for students to ask questions 
  • Decision needs to be decided by April 27
  • Students must withdrawal by  April 20
  • The university wants to be flexible as possible, but also as realistic as possible

Pace Degree 

  • If you have everything ready, your degree will be confirmed at end of semester
  • If something is pending like a clinical placement, Pace will assist in helping you get placement and degree will be given once that outstanding requirement is complete

Summer Courses

  • For undergraduate courses, there will be a $200 per credit discount
  • Courses offered now will be all on distance learning: Early Summer 1, Summer 1 Summer 2 


  • “We are very pleased that the government has given us some money under the care act. ½ is for students and we are getting guidance from the federal government,” President Marvin Krislov.
  • More information on Pace’s handling of the CARES Act should be available shortly. The university is waiting for more guidance from the government
  • President Krislov emphasized the university is committed to supporting students 
  • There will be a Q+A about Cares Act on April 28

Fall 2020 Semester 

  • Hope to be on campus on all 3 campuses this fall.  However, some factors are uncontrollable like the Analysis of public health and safety and Government Laws
  • Highest priority is safety and health
  • Pace is preparing for all scenarios 
  • Provost stated that they are determining what social distancing in-person would mean: “Does it mean smaller classes or does it mean everyone wears face masks?” 
  • Provost said that they will guide the institution based off of the CDC and government regulations and/or recommendations
  • The #1 concern of Pace is the safety of students, faculty and staff
  • There will be detailed guidance once the fall situation is determined

Tips for Pace Students during this time: 

 Vanya Quiñones, Provost

  • Plan 
  • Take care of yourself physically and mentalling 
  • Acknowledge your grief; life has changed, work and cope with this grief
  • If you need help. Get help.
  • Have a routine
  • Not Social Distance, Physical Distance 
  • Create Connections

Phyllis Mooney, Executive Director of Career Services

  • Stay optimistic 
  • Do one thing towards your career each day

Rachel Carpenter, PLV Dean of Students

  • “To everyone who doesn’t have the time to invest in side hustle, it’s absolutely okay to just say you made it through the day.”

 Todd Smith-Bergollo, NYC Assistant Dean for Students

  • Don’t compare yourself to others 

Marvin Krislov, President

  • Doing one thing to reach out to the same person everyday, Makes me feel good and makes the person feel good. Connection

Angela d’ Augostine, Haub School of Law Dean of Students 

  • Reminded students there in law profession and that’s a helping profession and if they can reach out to one person how can you help
  • It’s okay to just kind of get through the day
  • “In 34 years at the university, I’ve never seen this university come together to support each other and our students like this.”
  • Students at the Law school came together for the staff member in critical condition and started a gofundme page to donate what they could.

President Krislov Closing Remarks 

  • Stay updated through email: Expect updates soon on internship support and the CARES Act
  • Appreciate our essential workers and wish them good health and safety 
  • “Very proud of the students and I know you are working very hard and it’s not an easy time.”
  • “I know you may not agree with everything we do, but we are very focused on you and your success.” 
  • There will be another town hall conversation again