Wellness workouts to virtually keep in shape



Pace is offering multiple wellness programs for students, staff and faculty during this remote learning period.

Alexis Nieman, Media Editor

If you’re looking for some ways to shake up your quarantine workout routine, look no further. Throughout this remote learning period, Pace is still providing students with access to virtual workout sessions with professionals.

These sessions include thirty-minute “PowerHouse” sessions which are a circuit/interval style training course that involves bodyweight stretches, mobility, and cardiovascular movements. These are led by certified strength and conditioning coaches, Phil Ryder and Troy Thompson, who have worked with Pace athletics for years.

There is also Zumba, kickboxing and toning with JoAnn Hamilton who is a certified aerobics and Zumba instructor and who has taught at Pace for over ten years. Finally, yoga classes are offered twice a week by Lauri Nemetz, who is a certified yoga therapist and professor at Pace for over 17 years. She also teaches anatomy and cadaver labs outside of Pace and brings awareness to working the body with that knowledge.

“These are really difficult times and we are all spending a lot of time in front of our computers sitting,” Nemetz said. “Trying yoga helps the body and mind profoundly. I have been teaching yoga since I was in graduate school and I am so thankful that I tried yoga and have been practicing ever since! It has made an enormous difference in my life. I encourage everyone to explore movement practices and to stay consistent with what helps you.”

These remote workout sessions are held over Zoom, the popular video-chatting website. Students should search their emails for information such as links and passwords to attend these online workouts. 

“The goal is to feel better and be present,” Nemetz explained. “The word for the poses we do is ‘asana’ which translates to a comfortable seat or position, and eventually all of these poses become more comfortable. Yoga can make us more resilient for the rest of our life.”

Nemetz offers different variations and options on how to modify or intensify different positions so that all levels of yoga can practice. Participants are able to turn off their cameras and microphones in order to comfortably practice yoga while following Nemetz. 

“I have had about 20 students typically in the Zoom classes,” Nemetz said. “They are a mix of students, faculty and staff. I love the hand waving at the end and the applause emoticons.  People are so appreciative of being with others in real-time and getting to move. I also teach our academic yoga classes and everyone has been actively attending and some of my students in those classes have additionally been attending the extra classes.”

In addition to virtual workouts, there are other wellness events being offered to students throughout the semester. Writing workshops, mindfulness practices, and virtual safe spaces to talk are taking place each week. You can find out more about virtual events being offered here

Nemetz’s yoga classes take place Tuesdays and Fridays at 11:30 a.m. 

“Come when you can, but consistent practice really helps to manage other parts of our life. This is an easy way to get in 45 minutes of movement and mindfulness,” Nemetz said.


Full list of workouts: 

 PowerHouse: 30 mins. 

Circuit/interval style training class involving bodyweight stretch, mobility and cardiovascular movements.


  • 3pm Monday’s and Thursday’s with Troy



Meeting ID: 392 027 771

Password: 172053


  • 1pm Tuesday’s and Friday’s with Phil



Meeting ID: 507 401 660

Password: 871207


 Yoga with Lauri: 45 mins. 

Yoga is an ancient practice based on philosophy, mindfulness and asana work. Class will have modifications and emphasize an all-level practice and will include breath work and final relaxation.  Come join!


  •  11:30 am Tuesday’s and Friday’s 



Meeting ID: 900 910 887

Password: 960532


 Zumba with Joann: 45 mins.

JoAnn Hamilton is a certified Aerobics and Zumba instructor. She has taught at Pace for over 10 years.  Her Zumba class combines fun, sweat and dancing. Her toning class combines weights, cardio floor work, balance and combination of barre exercises that will tone your body. For cardio kickboxing, get ready to punch and kick. This class bring lots of sweat, fun and hard work to this workout.


  • 5 pm Monday’s



Meeting ID: 263 235 741

Password: 487403


 Toning with Joann: 45 mins. 


  • 5pm Wednesday’s



Meeting ID: 593 590 478

Password: 984229


 Cardio Kickboxing with Joann: 45 mins. 


  • 5pm Thursday’s



Meeting ID: 601 904 053

Password: 314165