New menu, new doors: Perk Café enters spring semester with an upgrade


Cristina Rosario Perez

The Pace Perk Café’s renovated entrance contains a set of glass doors with white framing.

Brianne Gonzalez

As the spring semester commences, Pace Perk Café implements new additions to the menu to allow students to personalize milkshakes, ice cream, and ice cream sandwiches. Perk, also, underwent construction during the winter break to install glass doors at the entrance of the cafe for a modern look.

The marketing manager of Perk, Chase Ware, a junior advertising and integrated marketing major at Pace, shares the announcement of the new addition of “Build Your Own” via an Instagram post. Ware states that due to COVID-19, her marketing team is utilizing Instagram as a platform to inform their customers of any updates with Perk and their menu.

“Instead of having customers scroll through 20 different milkshakes on the app, we created the opportunity for customers to build their own milkshakes, ice cream sandwiches, and their own ice cream,”says Ware.

Cristina Rosario Perez, a sophomore marketing major and the recently appointed general manager of Perk, admits that the “Build Your Own” option is very customer friendly allowing students to individually select a flavor and add-ins to their liking.

With this new update, the customers are no longer able to choose two flavors on the Shopify app selections. Instead, if customers do want multiple ice cream flavors Rosario Perez urges them to write the additional flavor in the notes section of their order.

However, the “Build Your Own” isn’t the only new addition to the menu. Rosario Perez shares that the birthday cake ice cream flavor has returned to the menu along with Taquitos.

For the next two weeks, Ware urges all Perk customers to keep a lookout on Perk’s Instagram and website for upcoming menu additions. Ware reveals that the Perk team is working on creating combos consisting of three or four items that are created based on what customers from certain grade levels tend to order.

“Based on research that we’ve done on our side as managers, we looked at what types of things freshman students were ordering and what our upperclassmen were ordering,” Ware states. “We are going to have something known as the Freshman Combo and the Upperclassman Combo.”

Not only did Perk update their menu with new options, but during the winter break Perk’s entrance was completely renovated. The usual rustic, metal blue doors were replaced with with white framed glass.

Rosario Perez and Ware admit that the renovation came as a surprise to them. Ware states she received notice of the new doors through a text message in the manager group chat. However, both believe the doors are a great improvement for the business.

“I like the doors. They give a nice view from the inside. We can keep the doors closed now if it’s cold and still be able to see if customers are coming.” Rosario Perez states. “And the doors make Perk look a bit more modern.”

Ware shares her anticipation to utilize the doors glass feature to hang signs. Specifically, she wants to buy a neon open and close sign to make Perk stand out.