CORQ App to House all Event Attendance

Miaira Raiford

CORQ is the newest app that students and faculty will need this semester for any upcoming or future events in order to keep track of attendance.

The app allows them to sign in with their Pace credentials and gives full access to campus event schedules. The app provides students with all necessary information such as the date, location, time, a brief description of the event, and the host of the event. Moreover, you can RSVP ahead of time to reserve your spot.

Shawn Livingston, Pace’s Interim Director, explains how CORQ is connected with the SetterSync software that their office uses to manage and engage the student body.

“We do promote its use because it is important that we account for students who are in spaces, albeit in person or virtual, together for special events being run—oftentimes outside of business hours,” Livingston said.

CORQ is free to download, and students are also able to see activities on both the Pleasantville and New York City campuses all in one place.

“I like having an app like this, mostly just to get away from students having to find and use web pages—or emails—to identify campus events,” said Steven Feyl, a dual campus employee of the library.

Feyl believes that once students and faculty get used to showing their event pass QR code each time they go to an event, it will be easier for them. “It was really easy to use and much better than the old system of inputting attendance through swiping ID’s in conjunction with the SetterSync web page,” he added.

In a generation where students operate a majority of their communication through their mobile device, Livingston also feels CORQ is a great tool to implement onto our campuses.

The Interim Director commented, “I see us continuing the use of this app until there is an update, or more competitive product in the marketplace that makes sense for Pace to adapt in order to assist in the management of engagement for our student organizations and campus wide events.”