Alumni Hall Elevator Fixed After Button Allegedly Stolen

The elevator where the button was stolen. Photo by John Wattson.

The elevator where the button was stolen. Photo by John Wattson.

The elevator where the button was stolen. Photo by John Wattson.

Abby Stucker, Featured Writer

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Residents in Pace’s Alumni Hall were surprised to find that they couldn’t access the fourth floor in one of the two elevators because the button was allegedly stolen, according to an email from Residence Hall Association.

Alumni Hall Resident Director Alyssa Caffarelli sent an email to residents on Mon., April 17 stating, “The fourth-floor elevator button went missing again last week. This is an accessibility issue, so we are asking if anyone has any information to please come forward.”

In addition, she wrote, “Please be advised that this is considered Theft/Misuse of University property, and if you are found to be responsible for this you will be held accountable through our student conduct process.”

Campus Security and Safety Director Vincent Beatty was not available to comment at this time.

At this point in time, the culprit has not been identified, but the elevator has been fixed.

The button was ripped out of the button frame leaving an empty space where the elevator button used to be and the wires that connect it.

There was general confusion among residents, but frustration among fourth-floor residents.

“It was just such an inconvenience,” said an anonymous student who lives on the fourth floor. “I kept hoping the elevator that did have access to the fourth floor would open but it wouldn’t, just the other one. I just don’t get why someone would do that, it doesn’t make sense.”

It is also unclear at this time if there’s an investigation and if there are any suspects.

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