Study abroad continues without concern

Students have little concern to study abroad for the fall ’21 semester

Amber Brouwer


Every year hundreds of students make the decision to study abroad. Last spring, many students had to come home early, because of the COVID-19 outbreak. Now, the university is planning to start up the study abroad program again starting this fall.

Jennifer Ley, director of the education abroad office at Pace has faith that studies abroad will resume action shortly.

“Not all of our partners abroad are participating this semester, but the ones that are [have confidence] that it will be a successful semester,” Ley continued. “However, students are advised to not put any money down for flights or a place to stay and to enroll in classes at Pace, because we never know what’ll happen. The process is starting but we have to be flexible.”

There are three different kinds of study abroad programs at Pace. One is a faculty-led class that travels at the end of the semester. One is an exchange semester in which you go to a school abroad for a semester and that school sends a student to Pace for a semester. And the third one is a short-term summer or winter session. More information about this can be found on Three faculty-led courses are scheduled to travel in January 2022.

“Students seem to be excited to study abroad again. As a matter of fact, more students have signed up than years before, and this number is only expected to be higher for the spring of 2022.” Ley stated.

The study abroad office is encouraging everyone to make study abroad part of their curriculum as it is a positive experience that can stand-out on a resume. Moreover, the office says it provides great opportunities for students.

It is unknown at this time whether the university will require COVID-19 vaccines. The decision is not up to the study abroad office. All that can be advised once the vaccine  is available.

This past fall there were some virtual study-abroad classes, but no one signed up.