Pace to extend pass/fail and withdraw options


Alexis Nieman

Pace extended the pass/fail registration deadline.

Emily Teixeira

On April 27, Provost Vanya Quiñones sent an email to students announcing that Pace will be extending its deadlines to withdraw from classes and choose to take classes pass/fail. As of now, students may withdraw from their classes until 11:59 pm on May 16-the last day of the semester- and they have until 11:59 pm on May 26 to request the pass/fail option. Students are also now allowed to rescind their pass/fail request if they change their mind. The deadline to rescind a pass/fail request is also May 26 at 11:59.

Provost Quiñones stated in her email that, in extending the pass/fail and withdrawal deadlines, Pace hopes to “provide some measure of relief to you during this extraordinary semester.” She also said that Spring 2020 transcripts will be annotated with a statement about the COVID-19 pandemic.

Quiñones reminded students to consult their instructors, academic advisors, and the Financial Aid Office to determine if these options are right for them, especially since withdrawing from a class could impact a student’s financial aid. She also reminded student athletes that they must consult Associate Athletic Director Claudia Stabile or Assistant Athletic Director Matt Anthony if they wish to select the pass/fail option.