Spring move out scheduled to continue today

Pace accommodates for students to safely move out of dorms


Christina Bubba

Students will be permitted four hour time slots to complete spring move out. Other options are available for students who cannot make it to campus.

Christina Bubba, Editor-in-Chief

Spring move out was postponed as a result of the NY state PAUSE, but resumes again today, May 15, as the executive order was lifted.

Students who vacated campus as a COVID-19 precaution and left personal items in their resident hall have the option to sign up for a four hour time slot to retrieve their things through MyHousing. There are three move out options to accommodate for all students to safely reclaim their belongings through May 31.

Students who have the means to return to campus can be accompanied by one other person who is 18 years of age or older. Arrangements can be made through Nilam Kotadia, Associate Director for Housing Operations, for a one night stay if necessary.

Those who cannot return to campus for any reason have the option to apply for a proxy, which allows students to select someone else to complete their move out. Students must select a time slot and fill out the Proxy Move-Out form for one or two individuals, who will not be permitted overnight access.

The university can also arrange to pack up and ship or store the belongings of students who cannot complete the first two options. Students who do not select a move out option by May 15 will be emailed information on this process and the cost of service. The cost will differ based on the amount of belongings that need to be packed and whether they are being shipped out or stored on campus.

This service is not an option for students who live in a three hour travel radius of campus and if this is an issue, they are instructed to email their individual housing office. There are limits to what the third party vendors will pack and ship or store.

In case of damage and to control the cost, the following items will not be shipped or stored: liquids, food, personal hygiene paper products (tissues, toilet paper, paper plates, napkins, etc.), cleaning supplies and products, personal hygiene products, plants, pets (fish) and aquariums. In addition, any items that are prohibited by university guidelines, including candles and smoking paraphernalia, will not be shipped or stored.

Those who opt to have their belongings stored by the university will not have access to them until the fall move in process begins over Labor Day weekend. After September 15, any items that were not retrieved will be moved to an alternate location until November 1. After this date, any leftover items will be discarded.