Pace hosts Zoom meeting with Students and Parents


Pace hosted the first zoom informational session regarding how the university will be handling COVID-19 in the fall.

Katie Walsh, Managing Editor

Pace hosted the first Zoom Meeting regarding plans for the fall with Parents and Students on Thursday June 10th. Although, definitive answers were not available as the university is still waiting for guidelines and approval from New York State; Here are some key takeaways:

 Pace plans to resume in-person classes for Fall 2020 with students living on campus.

  • However, campus will be different and classes may be altered to cater to the needs of the students and the guidelines from New York State and CDC.


  • The academic schedule will be altered within the next few weeks, as stated in faculty meetings, to accommodate social distancing class sizes and limited capacity.
  • Students may get to choose the format of what they would like for the fall with various remote options available for those who have health issues or International students who cannot access campus.
  • All faculty are receiving certifications for remote learning and are preparing courses in-person, as well as, online for those who may be quarantined or are unable to participate in-person.
  • Pace is developing online training for all students, staff and faculty for COVID-19. This will be required for incoming first-year students.
  • Remote learning option will have no impact on scholarship..

Safety and Health: Pace’s Top Priority. 

  • There will be enhanced cleaning protocols. Facilities is using CDC approved materials for cleaning.
  • Telehealth & Telemental health services are available for students, faculty & staff.
  • Pace will not require COVID testing, unless the state requires it. This is because the CDC recommends students not be tested to return to campus & faculty to not be tested upon work arrival because it only reveals the individual’s COVID status at that specific moment.
  • Pace is preparing for mass testing, however, and is in talks with local hospitals.
  • Anyone can get COVID-19 tested, if they would like, as there is over 800 testing sites in New York State
  • Pace will implement questionnaire’s, temperature checks and cloth face coverings.
  • Pace will be utilizing an app to monitor student contacts.
  • It was highly recommended that students download the Pace Safe app.

Social Distancing 

  • Directional signage, floor marks and layout changes will be taking place.
  • Plans for social distancing in classrooms, residence halls and common areas.
  • Required to wear face coverings in all common areas and classrooms.
  • Looking at ways to manage movement of people in hallways, stairways and elevators.
  • Social Distancing initiative should not impact cost of attendance

Dining Halls 

  • Adopting other spaces on campus for potential increase in places for students to eat.
  • Mobile ordering will be increased and expanded.
  • More pre-made ready meals will be available.
  • Elimination of self-serve.
  • Touchless payment options
  • Adjusted dining hours may occur for cleaning.
  • Limited capacity in the dining hall/eateries.
  • Layout change will occur for social distancing purposes.


  • Reviewing guest policies. All students will be aware of new policies to prior to campus
  • Still working on configuration of rooms & waiting on guidence from state.
  • They will be reducing capacity in halls
  • They will also be reducing and/or eliminating common spaces.
  • The move-in process will be extended and consist of picking a specific time slot.
  • Roomates/Suitemates will likely be considered a Family Unit.
  • If a student needs special accommodations because of health concerns with COVID-19, contact the Residential Life Office.
  • In staff meetings, it has been stated that Pace is in talk with local hotels. In addition, there may be rooms unfulfilled on campus available, in case, a student has to isolate while on-campus.

Academic Calendar 

  • Pace is looking at an August 24th start date, and finishing the in-person aspect of the semester prior to Thanksgiving break. It is unclear, at this point, whether finals would still be online after break or if the semester would be finalized.
  •  However, they are still waiting for state approval.

Financial Aid

  • There will be a shorter time to approve financial aid for the fall semester. It is important to engage once award comes through in your email. When award is available, take steps to accept aid. 
  • Interest aids have dropped dramatically on federal loans. They are the lowest they have been in 15 years.
  • All forms are now virtual.


  • There will be modified payment plans available for Fall 2020.
  • Bills will be out in July & payment will be expected first week of August.
  • There will not be any tuition changes, if Pace ends up remote in the midst of the semester.

Pace did state they were expecting to receive guidelines from New York State on Monday June 8th. However, as of Friday June 12th, they had not received them yet. They expect a full document regarding how Pace will handle the reopening to be available in 1 to 2 weeks. Furthermore, there will be another zoom session with students and parents in the near future.