Pace delays release of class modalities to week of July 27th



Campus will be brought to life with students, staff and faculty in August. However, face coverings, social distancing and other guidelines will be put into place, due to the spread of COVID-19.

Katie Walsh, Managing Editor

Pace will be releasing the format of the Fall 2020 courses on Mon. July 27th to students. These modalities will be strictly labeled in the delivery format and will be seen on their student schedule, as well as in Schedule explorer.

The Chronicle has previously discussed these formats in detail: 

Students will have the opportunity to change their schedule prior to the semester start to alter the schedule to best fit their personal and academic needs.

Furthermore, all faculty will work with students who are quarantined or fall ill to COVID-19 and will be able to deliver/post material online. In addition, faculty will be prepared to transition to full-time remote courses, if the evolving COVID-19 situation requires.

Pace released guidelines for Residential life on July 10th, which consisted of guidelines for living on-campus. Furthermore, the reservation time slots will open for on-campus move-in on Friday July 17th. Students will have from Aug. 14th until Aug. 30th to move-in. Students will be allowed 2 helpers during their move-in time slot, but afterwards Pace has adopted a no guest policy.

Pace will be hosting a Zoom for parents and students on July 20th. In addition, there will more information regarding  student testing upon campus arrival on Aug. 1st.  Furthermore, Pace is looking into how residential students from the 22 states Governor Andrew Cuomo has required a 14 day quarantine will be handled.

More information regarding Pace’s Fall 2020 semester including safety guidelines, residential life, academic delivery, students opinions, financial impact, student life and more can be found in prior articles:


Furthermore, Pace has added a Return to Campus section on their website for easy access to all information that has been released.